Phoenix Dynasty Interview: Beautiful 2.5D Game

Questions by Alex Beck, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Danny Project Manager of Phoenix Dynasty Online

Phoenix Dynasty Online (PDO) is a bright and flashy oriental-themed MMORPG. The game is blessed with a remarkable set of spells and effects, not to mention in game action unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. We interviewed Danny, Project Manager at Phoenix Dynasty Online and asked him some questions about the game.

Onrpg: While hosting multiple games, do you find it hard to deliver content to all of them?
We have set up different teams for each game, so all staff can focus on their game and their specific duty. Although we are a new company, most of the our staff members have been in this industry for a couple of years, by which I am not going to say we are very experienced, but we do have accumulated some experience in running all the games and we are progressing toward a mature game publisher and trying to present our games to a much wider player base.

Onrpg: What sets Phoenix Dynasty Online apart from other 2.5D online games?
Phoenix Dynasty Online claims itself to be the most beautiful 2D MMORPG. And it lives up to the hype with its artistic graphics and unique water-and-ink appeal. Aside from the graphics, its in-depth content, especially the embrace of the mystic 5-element system, brings unique experience for crafting and PvP.

PDO Combat

Onrpg: What sorts of classes can a player expect to play as?
There are four classes available. Paladins deal melee damage with high attack and defense; wizards cast powerful offensive spells but are physically weakened; assassins attack from distant with arrows and set traps; and priests have healing and summoning ability.

Onrpg: Can players purchase the same items with in-game cash that players using micro transactions can?
They cannot directly make the purchase, whereas they can trade the in-game gold for Phoenix Points (in-game currency) with other players and then buy the cash items. Actually most of the cash items, such as mounts and gems, can be obtained by pure grinding, which makes micro transaction totally optional.

Onrpg: Are game masters apparent while in game?
Well, game masters basically are normal characters, but have access to GM rights. Usually they will appear in game for running live GM events and interacting with players. They wear insane gears, ride gorgeous mounts and are titled GM before their character names. Players can’t be missing them with a mere look of the fabulous appearances. Yes, they are made jealous, lol. GMs also speak in a distinctive white color that differs from those colors set for players’ chat options. Generally, GMs in PDO are visible characters, which make it easier for players to interact with them.

Onrpg: What age group is phoenix dynasty intended for?
With PDO players aged 14 to 60, I’d say our game is intended for all age group, as long as the players are or they want to be “thinking gamers”, for the in-depth content will hold them thinking even if they are not playing. And they will find it enjoyable both in the process of thinking and in the achievement their active thinking results in.  

Onrpg: What does the “Artifact System” have to offer?
In the new expansion pack, “Artifact System” offers 6 distinctive “General Artifacts” that can be equipped side by side with the gears. They apply to all class and are free to obtain. You can get as many artifacts as you want by completing a quest repeatedly, but only one artifact is allowed to equip at one time. The artifacts boost players’ stats on attack power, defense, hitting rate, dodge, HP and MP. By receiving experience from killing mobs, the Artifacts also can be upgraded and synthesized with a mixture of above bonus. There are also artifact skills that can be activated when they are grown to certain state. Other types of artifact such as Class Artifacts”, “Reputation Artifacts”, and “Special Artifacts” are planned to release in future updates.

PDO Players

Onrpg: What types of enemies can players face?
Players have to face a variety of enemies. However, they can be roughly broke down into 2 types: the humanoid monsters and non-humanoid monsters. Both of them are born with distinct skills and combat abilities. And players will get totally different loot from respective category. For example, they will get gold and gears from humanoid monsters, while gain crafting materials and skill books from non-humanoid monsters.

Onrpg: Is there a player vs player system? If so how does it work?
We have a PvP element that encourages fair duels and punishes evil killers. In PDO, all characters are set to 3 different modes that they can switch among: Peace Mode, Compete Mode and PK Mode. Each mode has its different indication. Under Peace Mode and Compete Mode players will not be PKed in safe areas. While in dangerous areas the PKer who kills them will get many Wickedness Points, when accumulated to certain amount, they will be announced criminal and sentenced to the short term imprisonment. Duels can be held at no penalty when both players turn on Compete Mode. PDO maintains a very friendly community and the fair duels are the most popular among players.

Onrpg: Are there any problems with players using illegal programs, and how do you punish these players?
Up to now we still haven’t been informed of any case with illegal programs. But as stated in terms of user agreement, those illegal programs are prohibited, and any violation will lead to account suspension or even a permanent account ban.

PDO Platforms

Onrpg: Is there anything else you would like to say?
In the modern game industry that is filled with 3D graphics, we may need a break and alienate ourselves from the high-tech fest, to recall our old time memories and exercise our imagination. Offering artistic visuals and in-depth game play, Phoenix Dynasty Online is perhaps your best option within 2D MMO category.

We have also got 24 hours support team to serve our players. Have a try on the game when you want relax! 

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