Planetia is a FREE ticks based space strategy game.

You own a planet and together with your galaxy and/or your alliance you try to dominate the universe. Develop your planet and attack/defend with your fleets to gain power.

Player can play together with friends in small private galaxies (10 planets) or in larger random galaxies (20 planets).
People can start with different race planets each having it’s own shiptypes to develop and build.

You mine asteroids for resources and try to attack and capture asteroids from others planets in the universe.

Fairly easy gamepley but quite a tough game to play due to the highly competative community.

Advisable is to get help in the start from an experienced player and/or to find an alliance in the game which you can join.

Planetia has a strong gaming community and has it’s own IRC server and extensive gaming forums. This game has been around for 8 rounds (jun 2004) now with thousands of people playing each round and has been the game of the month on in jan 2004

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