Pockie Pirates – Nautical Tactics beyond Expectations

Pockie Pirates – Nautical Tactics beyond Expectations

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



This free-to-play sidescroller browser game comes along the same vein of its sister game Pockie Ninja, but with a focus on One Piece instead of Bleach and Naruto. Pirates or Ninjas, is an endless discussion that has been forever on the internets. Those siding with pirates can now rejoice that One Piece is getting its chance to shine. However if you immediately assume that Pockie Pirates is just a reskin, you’d be wrong. Pockie Pirates’ gameplay is unique and quite a change-up.



When creating your first character you get the choice between four different classes. The first option is the Great Swordsman; just as the name would most likely tell you he is very skillful with the use of swords. The Sniper offers ranged damage with heavy guns. The Navigator brings in the magical ranged damage for those not fond of heavy weaponry. Last but not least the Doctor offers healing and support skills to round out any balanced group. After making the simple choice of which class to play and which gender you prefer, you’re thrown into an extended tutorial. Through a small story I learned the responsibility that comes with being a pirate. The tutorial explains the mission system, how to equip items as well as the basic crafting system. And after clearing every mission I had the choice to choose between five different cards. These cards all had one unique item that I could win, but since you can only choose one you will have to be lucky to win the item you want the most.




When you are done with this advanced and fairly long tutorial you are given your own war ship. Together with your crew you will set sail to a new island and begin a new quest. Once you get to the second island you will be learn the ropes of managing a crew. You are able to hire new crewmembers, level them and use them in different formations. This will help you set up a strategy to counter-play  your foes with; classes and positioning proved to be key in overcoming the tougher opponents in Pockie Pirates.



When killing time between missions you are also able to train your crewmembers to boost their stats and skills. This of course applies to your personal character as well. Pockie Pirates boosts numerous daily events from dailies to challenges to team battles and even legion battles for the ultimate Pockie Pirate experience.




Pockie Pirates is something completely different than I had expected based on the NGames series. Tactics seem much more important and varied compared to Pockie Ninja and the in-depth story was a definite plus. I found the progression of my crew to be quite engaging for a browser title, and my decisions seemed to hold a much larger sway in the outcome of battles as compared to Pockie Ninja. Overall I really enjoyed playing this game… even though it is about pirates. NINJAS YEAH!

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