Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Introduces Lord Zedd In Today’s Update

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid Lord Zedd

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is releasing their third update today (1.4), and with it comes the iconic and terrifying Lord Zedd as a playable character. The games story mode also adds its third act/finale, alongside some gameplay features/improvements. Lord Zedd is the “Emperor of Evil”, and wields his Z-Staff and has conquered/enslaved much of the galaxy. Finding that Rita Repulsa failed in conquering Earth, he’s come to do the job himself. He has high combo potential and can summon Putties to help him in combat. Lord Zedd is in the Season One Pass for 14.99, which also has Trey of Triforia and Jenn Scotts as characters and the Jason Lee Scott (with DSragon Shield) skin. Lord Zedd is also purchasable separately for 5.99.

In Story Act III: The Finale: Lord Drakkon and his army continue to travel through dimensions, conquering the Rangers and threatening all existence. With the fate of reality at stake, Zordon and Commander Cruger ask Rita Repulsa to join forces in order to stop Lord Drakkon and his powerful army. Tune into Act III and find out if Rita has been convinced to join the Rangers to defeat her old apprentice.

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