Tried ROSE for a few days, won’t be back. The game has great potential but more time on game interface and less on graphics would have been a major advancement.

The characters’ equipment is kind of cool in a younge teenage way. You can make your character ‘pretty pimp’ with some effort. The monsters and all around feel made me think of renaming the game to “Candyland”, very immature. As an adult I felt over ran with ‘kiddies’. I have a horrible graphics card but I was able to play and was happy with the graphics for items, equipment etc…visually the game is easy to read.

Lots of items, weapons, armor…you get the idea…

I must stress I personally hated the camera view, you must constantly adjust when you move. I think I spent more time adjusting to see what was in front of me then having fun.

I also hated that Gm’s seemed to be non-exsistant. Offensive names were easy to find as well as language.

The servers are consistantly ‘extended’ and lag was a major factor in busy areas.

The game interface was far more complicated then it needed to be. As for a game manual….Even if some explanations were vague because of translation…it was still a joke.

Bottomline: To say this game is only in testing stage is an understatment. This game brings a new meaning to ‘user UNfriendly’ and with the immature feel and the average gamer age of 14…it’s hellish for those over age 18. At 29, it was pure terror.

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