R2Games: Round two of their Summer Games Event


Global mobile and browser games publisher R2Games has launched the second round of their R2 Summer Games on July 7th 2015 and is back with a boss fight minigame where players from across the world can compete to win in-game prizes for 12 of R2Games’ most popular browser titles, including Wartune, Stormthrone, and League of Angels.

By playing the new minigame of round two, Boss Battle, players can start earning Silver and Gold right away. Like in the first round, the teams that rise to the top in this competition will earn extra coins, and the most successful teams will earn even greater rewards. Furthermore the games of round one will be re-opened as well, for all players that might have missed them in the past.

For more info, visit http://www.r2games.com/activity/summergames

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