By ChronoX, Onrpg member

Did you ever feel like playing your super nintendo rpgs such as Chrono Trigger or Zelda 3? Well, this game, gives you the ability to do that but in a massively multipalyer setting! This open beta has been running for a long time and it’s a breeze to sign up for it, other than the fact that if you make a mistake in the application it gives you an error message in Japanese!

The graphics of the game are a blens between your classic SNES 2D graphics characters and a gorgeous 3D environment. You can turn around the camera and you can see the great 3D graphics the game has to offer, while keeping the SNES-ish rpg style alive.

The sound is also great. Once again, they opted for console style RPG music, which sets the mood of the game just right. If you have loud speakers crank it up and enjoy the nostalgia.

The game sets you in a usually crowded town, full of players trading items. This huge crowd can at first astonish you as you think something very wrong has happened, but it hasnt, its just a lot of people talking. In the game you quest out into the forest and battle monsters with a sword like in zelda. You gain EXP points and you go up levels. Your standard console RPG style game.

The quests you go on and the places you go depend on you. However, before you embark on this quest, it is recommended that you take the tutorial at the beginning as it gives you the basics of the game, 5 minutes well spent. Overall, if you are a fan of console RPGs and you want to enter the world of massively multiplayer games, this is the game for you. Download it now! And look for me, chronoX 🙂

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