Not much time so I am going to make this quick.

Graphics: Not to shabby , most computars of the modern world could run this game smoothly.But there is no Grafics options , so you must play from there settings.The character models are very nicly done..Every character had detail down to the very finger tips..And not to mention the animations are soo smooth..No runescape movement in this..(lol)…7/10

Gameplay: This where the game shines its brightess..This will keep you involved in whats going..Instead of watching TV waiting for you character to kill a monster..Basicly the combat , is using both the mouse and the W A S D keys in sync..You move with the W A S D keys and do most attacks with the mouse..But a few attacks require both..And if you miss..ITS YOUR FAULT…But missing usally ends up getting badly hurt..Becuase someone will come up and grab you ( very pleasing to see 🙂 ] Each class will have its special abilities per button combinations..But most of the time the differnce is the animation or the delay time after the attack..Because , delay means you Cant attack , Cant move , or block..Which usally..is bad!..There are a few glitches with some attacks but most of the time its fine…NOTE: you do join rooms to play..Like gunz::::9/10

Sound: Theres not really much to talk about..Theres 3-4 differnt background songs..And a variety of sword clashes , and so on… 5/10

Classes/Races: There are 5 classes…They are: Swordsmen , Ninja , Mage , archer , and blacksmith…They all are stuck the gender they are asigned..Some of yoou might not like this , but please dont complain..Every class differs in size , weapon and armor , and so on..There also is no custimization.Which is needed….7/10

Items: Not many..You can buy : Basic armor ( chest and legs ) , Helmets , Gloves , shoulder s, summons ( monster that fight for you 8) ] , Necklaces , ranged weapons ( the ones asigned to your class ) , and melee weapons ( asigned to your class ).

A very good game…Beware tho , make sure you have time to finish a game..They can last more than 2 hours…

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