Rift Lore Question and Answer Session

Rift Lore Question and Answer Session

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



Trion recently held a Lore Question and Answer session with community manager Elrar and Captaincursor, Subterranean Lore dweller and Voice of Atrophenious. And while you could watch it if you have an hour to spare I have taken the time to loosely transcribe the questions asked and the answers given. The wording isn’t exact and the tenses change randomly from “I” to “him” referring to Captaincursor as I at times try to more closely capture what he was saying. At times even a direct quote. The questions will be one color, the answers another and finally anything I am saying will be a third color.


How did the bloodstorm come together? With such diverse and conflicting personalities what was the glue that bound them together before coming to Telara?



The prospect of getting more power. Each dragon has different desires. Plus some fear of Regulos.



What’s the deal with Shi-ming?



Something dropped in a book to make the world feel bigger. People grabbed the thread and have run with it. Possibly a trading partner of Port Scion. Possibly fallen, possibly closed borders. We can’t know because we haven’t been there. It’s somewhere across the water.



Are we ever going to see something coming out of a rift that isn’t going to tear our faces off the first chance it gets?



There has been some R&D, so yes there may be some as soon as the next update.



Will we find out where Orphiel disappeared to in the future?



It hasn’t lined up yet but he really wants to do something that explains it.



Does it have to do with Project Omega?



It was in another timeline so it could be anything. So if it does come up it could be in a sliver or an alternate reality of some sort.



Is there anything else you can share about Orphiel?




He’s big, which is part of why he’s been ignored for some time. He’s so big that it’s a case of “go big or go home” sort of thing.



What may happen to Miela?



“I think she’s gone. I don’t like it when someone gets cursed by a being of unspeakable evil and the next day she’s fine.”



When the Gods created the ward they became unable to interfere with the Telara. They had to create the ascended. Now that the ward is broken what does that mean?



The saying of what Gods can and cannot do is always done by mortals. The reason they don’t help more is because they’re Gods. Generally the Gods who interfere tend to be the Gods who you don’t want to be doing so.



Is there any possibility that the Vigil might have ulterior motives?



Continue to believe what you will. Not confirmed or denied!



What is the history behind the Vigil and Bloodstorm?



The Bloodstorm are very powerful adversaries but they aren’t THE adversaries of the Vigil.



What can you tell us about Port Scion?



It has changed from what it was originally intended to be. And it is unlikely we will ever see what is behind the wall other than the warfront because what was originally planned for it has been used for other parts of the game which are now canon. Basically Port Scion has fallen and the earth has been salted.



Where does magic come from?



Its all planar energy. The elemental forces bound together through the will and rituals of the castors. Clerics gain this through some sort of non Telaran power.



Are the dragons actually dead? What happens when they’re destroyed in Telara?



We saw this in 1.4 with the moats of power. They’ve consumed so much planar energy that its trying to find other vessels. Others may be able to harness this so it may not be a good thing.



And this is where he drops a hint of things to come…maybe. I have replayed a small section of the recording several times and when talking about the Bahmi homelands the Cliffs of Rhaza’de he either says “Play test” or “Planar touched. ” I can’t really be sure which but secretly I hope for the first one.



Were the Kelari dark skinned before or after they left Silverwood? And if so why didn’t any High Elves leave with the Kelari?



There weren’t any High Elves until the split. The physical differences happened after that.



The matriarch of pestilence, how did she get so big and why so evil, what is her story?



Dungeon team started the lore on her. It has been discussed using her elsewhere.



The God Engines, what are they and a bit more info about the one in Frozen tempest.



God engines were a classification of empyrean machines that were of such power that they could perform miracles. The sun orb of Pelladane would amplify prayers to gods and spirits. The infinity gate is the pathway to the planes. Its how the planes got into Telara and may be how we go to the planes. There may be others. Crucia made her own god engine, so new ones can be made. But most people making them these days would be villains or Orphiel (who could be either).



Will we ever see the planes?



You can in certain raids now. Can everyone? He won’t commit to anything but would like to.



Whats the lore behind those huge dragon remains in Shimmersand?



The offspring of Maelforge and he wasn’t picky. If you do the quests in Shimmersand it is talked about.



Are the gods omnipotent or are they just powerful planar beings? Would it be possible for an Ascended to become as powerful as them?



No one has yet given the gods stats. Sometimes mystery holds more power.



Theres a tree in Scarwood Reach, the Auldwarden.



He likes to think an elf who was secretly a Greenscale worshiper cursed it and that’s why trolls are all around it. It is a tree.



In our sliver of Telara the lords hall is guarded and said to be abandoned by the Dwarves. But there isn’t much history, tell us more.



It was a great hall of the Dwarves. Borin was from there.



Do the names of the Eth tribes exist?



They are named after the cities. Like the city of Charms which is now Charmers Caldera. A lot of the names are used in stories about the classes.



What is Konstantin protecting?



Roll a Guardian and do the life epic. No spoilers!



How many more times do we get to see Zareph die?



He’s dead dead.



Cyril isn’t into the bad girls and is more duty bound so unlikely to get love soon.



Shyla’s spoken for.



Dendrome is coming. What is it? Why is there a wall there?



The wall is to preserve it. It wasn’t there just to keep people out. You’ll have to play to find out more.



Where are all the children?



Hiding from all the monsters. They aren’t included because of production. He would love to have children in the game to make it feel more real. You just aren’t seeing them.



Will the original heroes that the souls are based on ever be explored?



They already are in the epic stories and more may come in the future.



Can Ascended have children? More on Ascended physiology



They are close enough to mortals that they can do things like have children or get scars. They’re like super powered individuals.



In other words do what you want! Use your imagination.



Are Ascended still being made?



No. But, geography equals time. Basically everything takes place at the same time, no matter when you make your character. All Ascended were created at once.



The red dome in the center of the plaza in Meridian, what is it?



There was the idea of projecting video. It was created, then someone asked who would make the videos and then it didn’t happen. So they added the dome in because it looked cool.



Did Sir Martyn replace Kain?



In terms of his position in the Guardians? I think so, yes.



Atrophinius is about to get some love. What is up with him?



He’s stepped into the role of leadership and hopes to lead his people to leave peacefully and drunkenly with lots of mead.



All that answer was actually done in his voice. Which is awesome.



The entire Q&A session was fantastic. I would highly recommend watching the video just to hear Captaincursor putting on the voice of Atrophinius, which has always been the best voiced character in my opinion. Hopefully there will be more lore Q&A sessions in the future. There are always more questions to ask.

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