Rohan Review: Revenge!

By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), Onrpg writer

Rohan: Blood Feud is a new PVP-oriented Massively-Multiplayer-Online game. With awesome characters and stunning 3d models, Rohan continues to impress people with its own MMO goodness. But what exactly does Rohan have to offer that makes people want to play it? I guess we’re about to find out….

Although it may seem that this game is filled with quests, Rohan focuses more on the PVP aspect of gaming. Leveling may be a breeze compared to other games, but being in a persistent world of chaotic proportions makes things rather difficult. Be ready to jot their names down, cuz a lot of people are coming after you. Ever had one of those days when you were just merrily skipping around the field killing monsters, when suddenly some guy strikes you down and taunts the living buhjeeezus out of you? If you’re itching to get even then Rohan: Blood Feud is the game for you!

Since the game is sorta focused on PVP, then I guess I better start my review with Rohan’s PVP blessings…

Vengeance System

Luckily the makers of Rohan were nice enough to bring us the Vengeance System, which lets you keep track of your player-to-player encounters as well as their corresponding results. This means that you’ll definitely get a chance to avenge your yourself just in case the bitterness doesn’t go away. This system also allows you to teleport right next to your target at any given time (provided that he/she didn’t log off or went back to his/her respective town after killing you mercilessly). This means that getting even won’t be a problem, just make sure that you’re in the proper level to deal with your oppressors, otherwise you might just end up kissing dirt AGAIN. You can also bring your guild/party to do the dirty work for you, making your legendary comeback rather potent (that should teach him a lesson). Whether it’s a fair duel or an unfair deathtrap, you will always get your chance to get even via Vengeance system.

“What? No! It wasn’t me! I swear!”

Although you may think that you’re finally free to enjoy the benefit of having to torture other characters, oh boy have I got news for you! 

Killing players decreases your PVP kill number by one. This means that you’re a few steps closer to becoming a murderer. Even though the name sounds snazzy and quite lovely (especially for a PVP game), being a murderer does have its disadvantages.

One thing that makes it painful would be the fact that you can no longer enter towns upon being dubbed a murderer. Your name will then turn red and you’ll longer be able to PK (player kill) or do PVP. This is probably the best way for your victims to get revenge, especially since they wont get any penalties upon killing you. – I personally think that this is a rather depressing system for a game that caters vengeance and PVP. Persistent areas are there specifically for player-to-player interaction, and letting players destroy one other is the sole key of Rohan’s scenario let alone PVP. If these races really hate each other then why do they discriminate their own flesh and blood upon killing other races? It may be nice for the carebears (or the non PVP-type players) of the gaming world, but this rather unacceptable for PVP lovers. The title itself pretty much screams PVP, so what’s the point of having a blood feud if spilling blood puts you in a rather harsh situation?

After hearing about this feature in a Rohan: Blood Feud press conference, I was stunned as to how people were taking it. I guess not everyone’s fond of PVP. Then again, Rohan doesn’t have to be a PVP game for people to enjoy it. The game has a long line of quests waiting for you to finish, although most of them revolve around killing a number of beasts rather than “FedEx” type quests LOL.

Rohan also gives you a chance to join Township battles, allowing you and your guild to compete with other guilds in an all out war like you’ve never seen before. We all know that this is an MMO game, and a game like this wont survive without the MM part. If that’s the case, then this feature would be one of the finest things this game has to offer.

One Flavor Eye Candy

Although the characters are pretty much eye candy, the game lacks visual character customization. After choosing your race, you’ll be given a chance to change your hairstyle and facial features. After that you’re up and ready to go. Uniformity may also be an issue since characters end up getting the same set of armors per level. It’s quite a drag but the uniformity makes them look like a unified troop rather than a bunch of individuals in a raid party. I guess it pretty much works for them since it pretty much compliments the race rather than the character letting you determine the level of an individual through their respective threads.

Each race is blessed with their unique class. This is good overall but the population would determine how fair this system would be.

For example: If magic pretty much appeals to everyone then the chances of other races getting picked would be quite slim.

Joining guilds can also give you a new set of skills that can aid you in your adventures. This makes getting a guild quite beneficial, especially since you’ll get a bunch of people to fight beside you along with a good array of skills that come with the package. Since your characters are exposed to the PVP world when they hit 30, it would be most wise for you to start finding a guild just so you wont end up getting bullied or camped.

Fact to be stated: There is a fart emote option! PPPPFFFFFT!!!

They all look so pretty…

As I mentioned earlier, Rohan’s characters are quite nice. The ladies are quite attractive and men aren’t that different. The graphics greatly emphasizes their features, making you characters stand solid in the midst of the battefield. The colors are rather light, which is quite brilliant since it sort of gives you the elegant Victorian feeling.

Combat is fast paced and intriguing. Just seeing them whack each other with flashing lights at super-sonic speed (yes… I exaggerated) is quite satisfying. It’s really fun to watch characters fight due to the swift character animation and lighting effects. Might I say that I’m quite impressed by the game’s stunning visuals.

Switching to Media Player

Aside from the game’s impressive set of character grunts and slashing sounds, the ambiance pretty much blends into the background. The BGM (or background music) however needs a bit of improvement since it gets tiring after quite some time. It does enhance the game’s projected feeling, but hearing it over and over again makes you want to start listening to your own music collection.

TUG TUG! All rise for the Judge’s decision!

Rohan: Blood Feud is a great game, no doubt about that. Although the game needs a bit of tweaking, the complementary features makes it kind of addictive. You’ll probably try to go around trying to kill the world, but know that you’re bound to get punished after the Vengeance System kicks in. If you’re itching for a good time trying to kill other players with your guild then this game is for you.

Leveling is rather easy compared to other games; however, if you really want to kill a high level murderer then you’ll need all the help you can get!

Other than the Murderer system, I’d say this is a game worth playing. Ciao!

The Good:
-All out war O_O
-good graphics
-vengeance system (a breakthrough in PVP history)

The Bad: 
music is a bit off
-murderer system doesn’t work for everyone
-limited character customization.

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