Runescape II

Runescape II:

Game play:You start off in tutorial isalnd,customizing your charcters clothes,and looks,chooisng the gender and the color.
Going through each NPC’s(non player computer)Task,learning how to play,and what to do.Once you finish Tutorial island,you’ll be given a set of runes (magic casting items) bow and arrows,a sword,dagger and a sheild,Bread.Etc.
Of most MMORPGS this point is well,becoming the best player there is.

Eco:To make money,you have skills..Which you train,from doing diffrent thing,for example,Woodcutting,you’ll need a woodcutting axe,Some trees can not be cut down without a proper Woodcutting levels,same goes with Mining,you’ll need a pickaxe,Gaining the items,from woodcutting (wood),Mining(ore),Etc.,to buy yourself New Items,Weapons,Armor,Etc.

Graphics:The graphics for this game are in a 3D resoultion.Which is very good,for a java game.The requirements aren’t very high like most other games,which makes it unique.No long downloads,and likely,all most all of the Computers can play it..Unless they’re like what,ten years old…or something.

Updates:The Runescape Updates Are constant and they’re ussaly a update every week.All the updates are very good,adding new thing,and fixing bugs in the game.

Sound & Music:The music,for well me is good,they added this loop system so you can listen to it over and over again,some people may not like the music,but i’m just saying i do.They also added Weapon Sounds,when you use you weapon (swing,use magic,or shoot bow)They have added sounds to the Attack,which is also a good adding for Runescape II (Runescape I,has no sounds and music)

Community:This is were i rant.I’m ranting about the’s very hard finding someone to help you,most call you a “noob” just for asking,or trying to buy something of theirs,when you don’t know how much it is.But otherwise You’ll find a few people to help you,in anyways they can..(Don’t flame me about this part >:o,Flame me about all the others >:o)

Events:Well the events,are all for holidays,But unfortuanltey No mods come on runescape,to celebrate it,instead they use bots,which do the celebrating for you..That’s all iv’e got to say for the Events…

Conclusion:Even though Runescape is a good game,it’s still preffered as a “MMORPG Newbie Game”.It get’s boring after months through years of game play,don’t get me wrong,i like the game,but it just get’s boring.For those who have lots of extra time,Play this game,you’ve got lots of skills to work on,and all the way to lvl get to a lvl.Over all 8/10

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