Savage Eden

Savage Eden is a 3d Fantasy MMORPG based on a Post Apocalyptic War. The game itself is fun. A lot of people play but there is often no lag. There are lots of events happening often such as Double Gold or Better Drop Rate all day. One feature I really like is every so often they would have something called a Castle Seige where all guilds face eachother in a royal rumble while trying to destroy a castle and steal a gem. As for bad stuff, leveling takes a while after level 20. Characters look the same also- For Example, A lvl 15 character with the same Class as someone else will have you seeing double, both of them are wearing and using the same exact things. One of the worst Problems ever in the game is looting. Someone can kill a really hard monster and you can just walk up and take the drops. The class system is pretty cool as you can choose from Four Races: Human-Gun user, Bulkan- Swords and Axe Users (strong guy),Kalipition- Magic Guy, and Aidia- Fairy Type Creature and can use healing and defense magic. The people around you arent really helpful and you are usually ignored. Another cool feature though is that you can get a Labiyong which is a Pet thingy that you can raise and customize how it looks and attacks for you but unfortunately you have to be level 90. There are also quests in the game but you have to buy an Item to get a quest. They are usually quick and want you to kill a monster and get its drops. Character skills are cool also depending on what class you pick but you need to be a high level to get a cool one and as I said before it is really hard to level later on.

And thats all for my review, This was my first ever review so I hope I explained clearly.

Summary- The game is pretty good and isnt that bigof a file. It is definately worth a try. Its more like a bigger Diablo Clone. So go download it at and who knows you may like it. Have Fun!

ShadowWalkers rating- 7 out of 10

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