Secret Online Interview

Questions by Onrpg
Answered by Secret Online

The story of Secret Online is under the ancient oriental background, set in the territory of ancient China was split into several clans and kingdoms. It includes confrontations and cooperative relationships between different clans. Mohist stands for Peace loving and justice, the Shadow is famous for its assassin organization, etc.

Onrpg: How many classes are there, and what does each one do?
Now we have released 3 classes: Warrior: specialized in melee attack ability, high defense, high durability, but weak in speed. Assassin: backstab ability, middle ranged attack, and fast attack speed. Shaman: specialized in serve-magic, elemental-magic. Next to that we are developing 2 more new classes: Hunter, specialized in long-range attack and Wizard, specialized in attacking magic

Onrpg: What sorts of things can players do in the game?
Field Monster hunting: players can raise character level, get item, and get money, upgrade their skill. Quest: players can know more about the story, and affect the know, they can also learn new skills through quests. Chatting: players can communicate with others, make team, set up guild, and finally form a group of players to join one of the clans in the background story. Dungeon Exploring: players must first form a team, and explore the dungeon and beat the Boss. The team will get a certain award for clearing the dungeon. Collect rare equipments: high level rare item, especially equipments are very precious in game. Owners of these items will get a great achievability

Onrpg: Is there PvP (Player versus Player) in the game?
Secret Online has two kinds of ways for player to fight with each other, PVP and PK. In PVP one player apply to practice martial arts with another player, the result of PVP will not effect both player’s status. In PK players above lv20 can perform PK on other players by force. When one kills another player through PK, the victim lose all the life and mana points, and the killer gets a red name penalty. 

Onrpg: What will higher level players be able to do? Are there raids or other difficult encounters requiring large amounts of players to attempt?
We have massive city siege event on every Saturday night, high level players will be separated into different clans and join the siege event

Onrpg: Will Secret Online be a subscription-based game, free to play with an item mall, or some other business model?
Secret Online adores free-to-play / pay-for-item model. Users can register accounts and download client, and play for free, or else users can pay to get premium service , for example double experience. 

Onrpg: When will the beta testing start, and do you have a projected launch date for the game?
We have launched Open beta and free registration on 15th of May, 2007. And Item shop of Secret Online has been opened from 18th of June, 2007.

Onrpg: What makes Secret Online a game that players keep coming back to?
I think having friends in game is the most effective way of keeping players to come back to game. So we have been continuously making efforts to increase the change of communications between players in game.

Onrpg: When you play, what class do you normally choose?
According to our statistics of close beta,
40% of users choose to be warrior
30% of users choose to be assassin
30% of users choose to be shaman
Because warrior is the easiest class, when a player just started to play the game.

Onrpg: Are there any other games your company is working on?
Yes, we are developing our next game now, it will be a action style casual game.

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