Siege of Centauri Releases Beta Update 3

Siege of Centauri Beta 3

Siege of Centauri released Beta Update 3 today, and with it comes a treasure trove of new content for the tower defense game. Endless Mode will let players attempt to survive increasingly difficult waves of enemies on new maps that will offer several challenging choices to make. One of the biggest updates is the new scenario editor, where players can create and share their own missions in the game. People interested in creating their own missions can read this guide to help them get started.

New scenarios also arrive in this update, with new towers, enemies, and upgrades. The new scenarios will push the story forward, with the colony’s struggles in this dangerous, unforgiving wilderness. The Early Access program is designed to allow fans input on game mechanics, balance and more, and Stardock has been releasing updates based on this feedback.

“Beta updates and community feedback are a critical part of Stardock’s development process,” said Paxton. “We’ve been really happy with how the fans have helped shape this game.”

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