Spirit Hunter: NG To Launch in October 2019

Spirit Hunter NG

Spirit Hunter: NG will bring terrifying horror to the Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita courtesy of Aksys Games in October 2019. On October 10th, 2019, it follows on the success of Spirit Hunter: Death Mark.  A new cast will battle true terror and will offer some truly uniquely horrific experiences. Spirit Hunter: NG focuses on a cursed man on a life-threatening quest to discover who (or what) is responsible for the disappearance of his little disaster. Shady characters will be his ally, as they face off against spirits of legend, and are forced to make difficult decisions to get to the end of this mystery.

Spirit Hunter: NG Features:

  • Creeping Horrors, Familiar Settings – While its predecessor, Spirit Hunter: Death Mark,found its spirits in distinct, horrifying locales, Spirit Hunter: NG weaves fear seamlessly into the mundane. Face down monsters in quiet residential streets, neighborhood parks, and even the protagonist’s own home. Be careful—terror lurks behind every corner.
  • Search For Clues – Use a flashlight to examine each location in order to solve the game’s terrifying mystery. Watch out! You may unearth more than you’ve bargained for.
  • More Than A Visual Novel – Spirit Hunter: NG offers an immersive and exciting gameplay experience, in which players must make decisions at key moments in order to survive. Players navigate choices via a “Judge System,” allowing them to respond to each event with a spectrum of reactions.
  • Beautiful But Deadly – The game features gorgeous illustrations from artist Fumiya Sumio, who makes the terror in each character’s face impossible to miss and renders horrifying spirits with stunning detail.
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