Starcraft 2: Journey to Diamond League Wk3

My Journey to Diamond League – Week 3

By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist



This article features the third week of my journey to diamond league. No progress in terms of leagues will be seen because of the Season 3 lock but I feel that these two weeks helped me to learn a lot about Starcraft II.


Only the more interesting matches will be looked at with detail to reduce the length of the article.


Week 3

Games played: 11

Initial Rank: Bronze – 5

Final Rank: Bronze – 8

Win/Loss: 2 / 9


The third week of my journey was rather disappointing. Dropping from rank 5 to rank 8 because of 9 losses and only two wins is never a good thing. My ranking was also dropped due to inactivity; I spent more time watching Starcraft II than actually playing it.


I always try to pick out the benefits of each situation. Even through such a rough week, I had learned a lot about gameplay strategies and how to become more efficient. After losing a lot of games, I decided to stop playing for a bit and just look into the game.


A lot of time was spent tuning into live streams and reading the Liquipedia (SCII fan wiki) to learn about opening builds. While I did have basic understanding about the 14 gas 14 pool opening, I was not sure when and what other builds should be constructed. Watching other Zerg players fight against high level opponents taught me about timings and the correct reactions.


The only reason I won two games this week was because I had an economic lead. My opponents continued to apply pressure but I was able to hold and counter attack because of my lead in income. On the other hand, most of my losses were the result of all-ins from opponents and because I did not react correctly to certain situations.


The first match I found to be interesting was against a Zerg player that continued to apply pressure. I have been able to hold off many all-in attacks in the past so I was not really worried. However, he pumped out units at an unbelievable rate and I was forced to concede. After watching the replay I found out that my opponent had multiple hatcheries within his base. Normally hatcheries are used to expand around additional mineral patches but I later found out they could be used anywhere for the sole purpose of producing units. I will definitely build additional hatcheries anytime I feel I have additional resources.



So that’s where all the units came from!

The following game did not go very well because I did not react correctly. At this point I was not concentrating on which units are good against other units. I simply continued to pump out roaches while my opponent was smart to warp in Immortals and Stalkers. While Roaches are very good against Zealots, they are not good against Immortals. I had a larger army and an economic lead but I did not make the correct decisions. I believe Zerglings would have won me that game.


Roaches are a bad idea against immortals.

Some live streamers stream their player lessons. I use this to my advantage to learn some new tricks. One of them is to always scout around the six minute mark with an overlord. Unfortunately I did not play close attention to my overlord’s pathing and got him killed before I was able to see anything. I was blind for far too long and did not know what to expect. My opponent had a lot of marines so if I had just built banelings I would easily have won. Unfortunately I got roaches instead and was not able to defeat the huge marine ball.


My performance this week was not very good. Instead of gaining rankings, I dropped from rank five to eight. I am sure this drop was caused due to inactivity and playing after midnight. Hopefully next week turns out to be better as I aim to get at least rank four. I really need to get better so that once Season Three begins I do not get placed into bronze again.


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