Steel Division 2’s Closed Beta is Live Until June 20th

-Steel Division 2 - Announcement In-Engine Trailer - YouTube

Eugen Systems revealed today that the Closed Beta for their upcoming Steel Division 2 has begun, and will last until June 20th, 2019, when the game launches (or June 18th, for people who pre-ordered and gain early access). Full details about the Closed Beta and launch can be found on their Steam Page.

As part of their extensive pre-order bonus offerings, the pre-order beta will feature 18 Divisions, and more than 600 units, giving players access to every unit and division that will come with the game when it launches. Additionally, players of the pre-order will received two exclusive Divisions. These two Divisions are the Skijäger-Division, a heavily mechanized elite infantry division. It features the famous Sturmpanzer KV-2(r) heavy tank and the Panzerjäger Gazelle Exclusive Units.

Key Features for the Steel Division 2 Closed Beta on Steam include:
Four Game Modes:
  • Conquest
  • Closer Combat
  • Breakthrough
  • 5-Player Online Coop
Five Maps:
  • Orsha North
  • Vitebsk East
  • Tsell
  • Lyakhavichy
  • Autobahn zur Hölle
18 Divisions:
  • 2nd Guards Tank Corps
  • 29th Tank Corps
  • 3rd Guards Mechanized Corps
  • Manoeuver Group “Tyurin”
  • Manoeuver Group “Bezugly”
  • 9th Guards Cavalry Division
  • 26th Guards Rifle Division
  • 44th Guards Rifle Division
  • 184th Guards Rifle Division
  • 5. Panzerdivision
  • 20. Panzerdivision
  • 78. Sturmdivision
  • 28. Jägerdivision
  • 14. Infanterie-Division
  • Gruppe Harteneck
  • Köruck 559
  • 1. Lovas Hadosztály
  • 12. Tartalékos Hadosztály
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