SWTOR: Journey of a Sith Episode V

SWTOR: Journey of a Sith Episode 5 – Next stop, Tatooine!

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist




In the previous episode of Journey of the Sith, I managed to get to level 25 and got myself a tricked out ride which revolutionized the speed at which I could quest in Nar Shaddaa. Some of the worlds in SWTOR are mind blowingly large and the thought of continuing any further without a mount was out of the question. After speeding through my final mission there it was time to report to my master…



When arriving back at Dromund Kaas, and going to the capital city of the Sith to see my master I got some interesting quest line that I had to follow in the city itself. I am not going to spoil much but I must say it was quite fun to follow that quest line involving your master and helping her grow more power among the Sith. When I was done hunting certain people and playing errand boy for my master it was time to fly to my next destination, Tatooine! Star Wars fans that have followed the series or the game will know this planet is one of the popular planets in the Star Wars universe with a rich story involving the local citizens also known as the Jawa’s!



Hoping that I would see some Jawa’s I set the coordinates in my spaceship and flew into overdrive and arrived on this desert Planet. After I promised to help some of the locals with their personal problems and the ones involving the Sith, I sped into the endless desert. It didn’t take long before I found my first Jawa that tried to sell me crap and I was forced to end its life along with its pathetic clan. After wandering around for a while doing quests I noticed how beautiful the area was even though I was in the middle of a desert with no locals around me. All I could see was sand, rocks and the sky but even in this area BioWare managed to make the environment really amazing.



The Sand People are also residents of this fine planet, and like some of you may know, they aren’t kind to outsiders. In this point of Star Wars history they have been at war for a long time with the alien settlers residing on the planet gathering resources. After finishing the quests in the first zone I went ahead to the second one where I faced my first random attack by the Sand People. Further into the desert the Sand People will attack everyone that passes them and will randomly pop out in front of you and try to take your life. These little ruffians always attack you in packs so I had to stay vigilant while piloting my speeder. While I was worrying not to get any Sand People on my tail I saw my first ever Jedi walking by as she was doing some quests. As a real evil being I decided to hop off my vehicle and greet her with the edgy point of my lightsaber. When she saw me sprinting to her she was trying to get away but since I was very perceptive and strong in the force I managed to strike her down with a poisonous wound. It didn’t take me long to get my first ever Jedi kill and I felt very happy dealing with this evil threat being in the way of my goals on this planet.



Unfortunately my second encounter didn’t go as smoothly as my first encounter. When I was doing a quest beneath the surface in a cave I noticed a Jedi Guardian minding his own business but he felt like a threat in my eyes. Even though I have stealth and was able to strike wherever and whenever I wanted, I quickly became afraid at how little damage I inflicted with my opening attack. Unfortunately he was too strong for me so I decided to bail and vanish into the shadows while I licked my wounds. When I regained my health I saw my friend from the Warzones running by. When I spoke to him about the Jedi he agreed it was a 2-man job and we ventured it to overcomet his daunting foe. This time the odds were in our favor and we easily took him down without any trouble, proving the superiority of the Sith once again.



I also got a new companion that was willing to help me out find my target on Tatooine. He was willing to come along in my journey and I had to tell Khem Val goodbye for a little while. Adronikos Revel was my new companion while I stayed on Tatooine and he immediately drew out a plan to obtain my next Artifact. His plans were spot on and everything was accounted for when we confronted the current owner of the Artifact. A few minutes later we were drinking happily back at the bar, Artifact in hand. After a few drinks I decided to head back to my ship to introduce Adronikos Revel to the rest of the crew and he perfectly fit in.

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