The Kingdom of Loathing

Hey guys, if you’re ever sick of conventional RPG gaming, here’s a new site for you to check out. It’s called the Kingdom of Loathing. Originally founded by Jick, he didn’t quite expect it to be a major hit with many people playing it. Recently, it has also gotten on Gamespot News and, as it’s a refreshing change to conventional RPGs.

It’s essentially a parody, to say the least, and we are able to find, point, and laugh at the references given to other games, such as the Protagonist (Cloud) and his Ridiculously Large Sword, the Burly Sidekick (Barret). The pictures drawn and simple, but yet reflect deeper insights. To quote from one of the randomly random battles in the Kingdom:

“This is a white chocolate golem.
Chocolate is neither white nor chocolate. Discuss”

What other site would have gotten you to ponder harder than that? Hilarious classes available include the Disco Bandit, the Pastamancer and the Sauceror, each with their own unique stats.

The players are also very friendly in the chat, and a newbie should receive plently of help if he doesn’t go against the rules and beg. I’m not considered as a very experienced player, but you can contact me ingame for help by locating either ResiLiang or Ghost of the English Language. (The latter was inspired by a similarly named Ghost in the Altar of Literacy)

So come and join the community now! You know you want to.

An Adventurer is You!

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