Being a strategy-game junkie, I’ve longed for an online game that provided meaningful, long-term conflict. A game where multiple sides fought each-other over weeks or months in an attempt to gain the upperhand … and I was quite surprised to find all this in a web-based game called Tinywarz. However, Tinywarz does not follow the traditional web-based game; instead of text telling you what has happened, all the action in the game is carried out using 2d graphics on a planet map.

The premise of Tinywarz is simple: Players form Factions, then work together to control a series of planets.

For a game played through a web browser, Tinywarz is impressively deep. Players have over fifty vehicles to choose from; including tanks, wheeled vehicles, hovercraft, and meka (mechs). All these units can be equipped with up to four “mods” that modify a vehicle’s stats by adding a weapon, improving shields, or installing a larger engine. This allows you to take a seemingly defenseless scout, and turn it into a wheeled dealer of death and destruction. Over fifty mods can be used in combination with each vehicle, providing for nearly endless possibilities.

The game also contains role playing undertones. Each player is represented by a Command Unit, that can purchase a wide variety of skills and abilities. Players wishing to focus on construction can choose abilities that improve that area, while combat oriented players have a range of options that can improve the abilities of their own units or harm their opponents, players looking to fill a support role will find a line of skills that lets them “heal” units in combat or re-arm them. Players can also hire additional crews for the rest of their vehicles, who (at high levels) gain unique abilities that further improve the usefulness of the unit.

Another part of building your army in Tinywarz is the base creation feature that allows players to design a base, which will deploy with them on a planet. Bases play a large role in Faction vs. Faction battles, where many players work together in an attempt to destroy an opposing Faction’s base.

If Tinywarz has any flaws it’s the rather steep learning curve involved in figuring out the game. However, several guides are available, and many players have even taken on roles to assist new players. None-the-less, it can be rather daunting to learn all the ins-and-outs for Tinywarz.

All-in-all Tinywarz is a very, very addictive game (if you take the time to learn how to play it). Very few games match the “persistent online war” feel that Tinywarz manages and, because it’s browser-based, I can feed my addiction from work or at home.

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