Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Receives a Release Date

Total War Saga - News

Upon the sceptred island of Britain, the kings of Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales will plot a course to dominance, to defeat each other, and the invading Viking hordes. On April 19 there will be war, when A Total War Saga: THRONES OF BRITANNIA releases worldwide. It will be available as a digital download or as a Limited Edition boxed product in some European Territories as well as Australia. There will also be a 10% discount with SEGA approved digital retailers from today until April 19t and the limited edition version will be available to pre-order soon. Additionally, Creative Assembly will donate 25% of their profit from every pre-sale of Thrones of Britannia from now until launch, to War Child UK (A charity to protect and educate for the rights of children caught in conflict. A link to them is here).

Total War games revolve around war; its strategic and tactical challenges, the impact it has on national economies, and many other high-level abstractions. However, the brutal reality is that war has horrific consequences for the innocent, and nobody feels that impact more than children. War Child UK operate in 9 current and ex-warzones across the globe, providing frontline humanitarian assistance, helping children access education, and rehabilitating child-soldiers in the aftermath of conflict

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