Trickster Community Interview

Questions by Onrpg Community
Answered by Trickster Online

The community wanted to know more about Trickster Online so we asked the makers more information on the game. Here is what they had to say!

elazulblack: Are all of the non-gacha towns and areas implemented already, or will there be more added on later to make the Caballa Island larger?
At this point not all of the regions that make up the geography of Trickster Online Revolution have been released. There are still brand new areas coming up, including Mirage Island, which is a completely new land that will be added to the game. What’s more? The current ‘land’ for Tricksters is being upgraded, with no section or map left unturned. This is what the Revolution content and Eclipse events are all about. The Revolution content itself will greatly enhance and update the game, including: new and updated monsters, NPCs, Quests and Events, which should bring a more streamlined and immersive experience. These changes are more than just additions and map changes. This is only one of the many steps that we are taking to ensure that players get the best and most captivating experience possible from the beginners all the way up to the high leveled veterans.

BuffaIo: Can you please explain to us how the real dungeon system and card battle league will work? Also how will the real dungeon system differ from an ordinary dungeon? Many people (including myself) have been eager to hear any information on that.
First of all, let’s start with the Dungeons. As of right now, all the dungeons work as regular extensions of the maps in which they relate to. Basically, they’re the same as the other maps throughout Caballa Island. For the new system, Dungeons will become more dynamic by incorporating actual status changes to the area such as having a Fire/Water based component to the entire Dungeon that effects all Players within it. Also, monsters have been updated with improved AI, but the truly dynamic element lies in the implementation of moveable objects that require direct interaction in order to progress through the Dungeon itself. This means that there could be hidden doors that must be found by moving statues and giant rocks, or leaping over fire pits to get to the next portion. This is all to better the experience for the players, and to make the Dungeons much more of their own creature in comparison to the maps. Also, to go along with the changes to the actual Dungeons themselves, a new Dungeon Quest system is being developed as well. This will tie in directly to the dynamic topographical additions and status attributes, which work to add more of an action element to the game. Currently, these changes are still being developed, so it is entirely likely that more or different changes may be made before it’s actually released. I’m sure that you would agree that these are very exciting, I know that I’ excited about them!

Now, with the Dungeon question out of the way, here’s the answer to your second question about the Card Battle League. The Card Battle League is directly related to the current Card Battle system already in the game. Now, what the League does is provide a ranking system for everyone who participates in Card Battles. We will be running a test of this, slated for October, and if everything goes well, we will be adding it as soon as possible. The League will have monthly rankings that show who the best Card Battlers are. The top competitors will be rewarded with special items and incentives. To make it fair, and give everybody a chance to win, the rankings will reset every month. We will also be adding a new NPC to introduce the Card Battle system and explain it, as well as a new area specifically set aside for competitors to meet up and enjoy some friendly Card Battles together. Before we actually introduce the in-game League, we also plan to release a new, free, flash mini-game on the website that replicates the in-game Card Battle system. But before all of this can be put in the game, we have to test it to make sure that it functions properly and is on par with the Trickster Online Revolution standard.

While there are no set dates right now, more specific details will have to wait until the release. You can trust that we are working diligently to bring these new features to all of the Tricksters out there as quickly as possible.

Jackthereaper: What can we expect from Trickster Online (Global) five years from now?
Right off the bat, you can expect more Episodes Quests, more content, more Jobs, more Skills, better Dungeons, more Worlds, more items, NPCs and enhanced systems for current content already in the game. Overall, you can definitely expect to see changes to the game that will make Trickster Online Revolution a more cohesive online experience.

DEFF: Will there EVER be some sort of NPC to redeem your old MyShop items for special items or even get a percentage of myshop back because I’m sure that everyone sooner or later grows out of their lowers levels so it’s just money well wasted :/
This is a concern that we not only understand, but share, and are currently reviewing the best possible way to tackle this issue. We listen very carefully to the concerns of our players, and we are always willing to change or update the game to make it better for their experience. The game is nothing without its players.

SoulBlazeK: Why not open a suggestion or translation errors thread? Ya know, let us players find all these grammar errors and help you correct them.
This is actually something that we try to pay close attention to. It is similar to something that we are planning to add, but in the meantime we are, and have always been, focusing on the feedback from the players. We’re also working to make corrections for grammatical and localization purposes throughout the game, however, the game is large. In fact it is so large that this is an ongoing process and not an overnight fix. But, we’ll keep at it!

ShadowFoxie: How exactly does Compound Master skill help with Mature Compounding?
It directly affects the probability of the final outcome of Compounding itself. Now, that’s pretty easy to say, but the actual breakdown is a bit more complex (actually the mathematics of the formula is a lot more complex). The fact is that Compounding and Mature Compounding, in general, are both tasks of chance. While there are elements and variables such as the Compound Master Skill that directly and thoroughly affect the formula and the outcome of the task, it is still one of chance. The skill itself directly influences the probability of the favorable outcome of the Mature Compounding process. What it doesn’t do, is guarantee a particular outcome for the Mature Compounding itself. Because of this, the direct correlation of the skill to the task might not always be perceptible, but it is definitely there.

lars8ulrich: Will we have a story quests…Story quests that will continue why the players are in Caballa island…(Based on the Site) because every character has a reason why they went to Caballa island right?
The simple answer is… Yes. They are in development, so it should be coming. We also are working on incorporating the backstory for the setting of the game such as: the Cavalier Fortune, the monsters, and the island, all of which should be coming out in the Episode quests. So, stay tuned to the website and the game as more and more of the Episodes are added. Only through completing the Episodes, will all of the mysteries be revealed.

k0n: What is life like inside the office of the GMs?
Noisy, smelly, with little to no light, and a constant dank odor akin to that of caverns inhabited by large colonies of bats… Actually, no, it’s nothing like that. It’s an office! Aleister Gilgrim refers to it as, “the Megalo Fortress” in his webcomics and commentaries. In reality, it’s a place that we all get together to work on a video game, which basically means a lot of fun! Luckily, everyone is really helpful, nice, professional and highly skilled, so even though there is a lot of work to do, the time flies by and a lot of work gets done. Our daily Mario Kart tournaments can get pretty fierce as well.

Meiling: I’m all up to my neck in items. My storage is full too. Will there be an option to expand item storage in the future? Perhaps a MyShop item that lets you do so? It would be incredibly useful so I don’t have to drag around extra items all the time. (this is in addition to the already purchasable item from the item mall –Onrpg)
There is, in fact, a My Shop item that expands the number of storage spots available, as well as a My Camp item that holds a ton of stuff, both of which are already in place. They are called ‘Store-More-Permit’ and ‘My Camp Storage.’ I hope that they can help to lighten your load some.

QwertyKnight: Will there be a system where by people who help others in some way or another be given special points or cash (example maybe 150 points) which can be used to buy some myshop items?? Because not everyone has a credit card and it can also be an incentive for helpful people.
Rarely, Cash Points have been given out for Events. During the summer, there were several Events that gave out Cash Points, but these were quite limited. While the game is free for everyone to play and enjoy, the way that the game is able to exist is because of My Shop purchases. We are looking for new and better ways to expand the options for purchasing Cash Points so that everyone who wishes to enjoy My Shop can. So far, we’ve been able to add PayPal, Click & Buy, and direct Money Orders as purchase options. We always take into consideration the needs of our players, and we’re always looking for ways to not only enhance the game experience itself, but also to provide our players with as many suitable and easy to use options as possible to enjoy My Shop.

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