Turf Battles Interview: Back to the Battleground

Questions by Jeffrey Kerkdijk, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by AndoSky, Aeria Product Manager


Turf Battles a pretty old game brought back from the dead by Aeriagames. How is the game doing? What can AndoSky from AeriaGames tell us about the game? How does the PvP work? How does the class develoment system work? Read on to find out!


Onrpg: How is Turf Battles doing at the moment? How did the Closed Beta test go?
Ando: While the initial Closed Beta was successful in identifying the direction Turf Battles was to take and what changes would make it a success, we have decided to release a 2nd Closed Beta to test the massive changes to the game’s client, servers and even the graphic engine. These large-scale changes have created a need for an additional testing period to iron out the kinks before Open Beta can be released.


Onrpg: Turf Battles originally closed down from its previous host, why did you choose to bring the game back on the market?
Ando: Aeria Games is constantly looking to expand its portfolio of game titles and with Turf Battles there was a profound outcry from the considerably large player base of the older host to bring back the game under new management. Aeria has worked with the knowledgeable player base to identify the issues that caused the game to fail and have worked with the development team to bring about changes that will make Turf Battles a successful title.


Turf Battles Class 


Onrpg: What elements of the game, according to you, makes players keep playing Turf battles? Why should we stay hooked?
Turf Battles is at its heart, a PvP game. As the name implies, there will be a strong element of ownership of “Turfs” for which there will be constant battles for superiority and control by “tribes” and their allies. Once players have captured these areas, they have access to special gems or control over taxes and other benefits. However players must remain on their guard for other invaders and defend their land. The high maximum level means players can continue to level up through the different “turfs” for greater challenges and rewards.


Onrpg: What makes Turf Battles special, what features does it have that makes it “Unique”?
Turf Battles has a strong element of competition and ownership that allows players to build strong friendships and work as a team to be the best. While a single player can sneak and capture a turf for a limited time, it is the strongest tribe or teams of players that will be able to conquer the land and hold off invaders. Each player individually can have the best armor and gear but to be able to reach the deepest depths of the game, they will need strong allies and friends.


Onrpg: Turf battles has a very interesting class development system, how do you manage to keep balance between all the players for PvP?
Classes in Turf Battles can be optimized very closely to the player’s wishes, but ultimately have strength and weaknesses to them that can be exploited by enemies. Red and Blue Mages classes suffer from a lack of high defense, so while they can often cause pain, they can take very little of it and many of their attacks are slower and require mana points to use. Blades Warriors generally can not attack as high and are slower, but can take enormous amounts of damage, often being able to charge into battle as juggernauts, distracting enemies while others attack using distance. Fist Warriors have been and attack power, rushing in on top of players before they are even noticed, causing large amounts of damage in a short time. They do not have the large defense of the Blade Warrior but can withstand a sizeable onslaught. Archers use the speed of the fist and the range of the mage classes, but have lower health and defense. Each class plays caters to the play style of certain players and each has its own fan base.


Onrpg: Could you tell describe to us in short how PvP works in Turf Battles, and what makes it so rewarding for the players to do?
PvP in general is centralized in several “turfs” and arenas that both offer chances for players to test their skills as a team or solo and provides special access to monsters with unique items and gems that allow players to further the power of their characters. It is possible to engage in PvP outside of these areas, but killing other players without provocation can be penalized and repeat offenders names slowly turn red to reflect their actions. Additionally, players who do not kill other players outside of turfs and arenas will see their name slowly turn blue to symbolize their nature. PvP in arenas and turfs is generally unrestricted except for level brackets, allowing players to use any strategy available to them to engage their enemy.


Onrpg: Having two races and a few customization options to choose from when creating a character, what other customization options are there available for the players?
There are plans in place for a third race to be released in the future, but the main focus of customization are in the characters’ gear and weaponry. Every piece of equipment in the game has the ability to be upgraded and strengthened by use of gems or by crafting the gear yourself by gathering materials from monsters. Players with better gear are stronger, and the weapons they carry can reflect this strength by glowing when upgraded.


Onrpg: having several classes to play as, what class do you like the most yourself, and why do you prefer that class?
I enjoy the Fist Warrior, because it is a good blend of tanking abilities and DPS. The class is pretty versatile in the later game, and you get to use giant claws as weapons. Which is pretty much every persons fantasy.


Onrpg: Turf Battles is not a new game as the game has been out before for several years , are you planning to deliver any new content? If so, could you tell us some about it?
New content has already been developed and should be released soon. This content includes and entirely new map with new quests, monsters NPCs and whole new experience for players that are familiar with the original game. However, since the game was not directly picked up from the original host, the current game differs from the old Turf Battles, sharing more characteristics with the Korean title “Sephiroth” which is limited to Korean players and therefore would be considered “new” to Turf Battles veterans.


Onrpg: How would you describe Turf Battles, as a game where you solo trough or as one where you team up and battle side by side?
Turf Battles will allow players to make their own choices in this department for the majority of the game, as a single player can tackle most challenges in the game, provided their gear can handle the work. However, there are certain dungeons and challenges, especially later in the game, that would be almost impossible or actually require a party or team to complete. There are currently two dungeons that require a party to even enter. Owning turfs and other areas is made much easier by belonging to a strong tribe or having good allies to both capture and defend these areas.


Onrpg: Turf Battles takes place in the world of Fomalhaut, what makes this world so interesting to explore?
Fomalhaut covers a vast area of land with greatly differing features spread out across the landscape. While human characters start out in the sub-tropical area of South Daria, complete with warm beaches, palm tress and rolling hills, the Nephilim or elves being in the alpine area of Exile Valley or Daria, a landlocked area in the mountains with great lakes, pine forests and ancient mysterious structures. Players can explore to find other hidden areas of their land and journey to other islands and corners of the map to barren wastelands with frequent dust storms and frozen tundra where snow is always falling. Much of the landscape is beautifully designed and imagined and fun to explore.


Turf Battles Combat 


Onrpg: What is your favorite feature of the game, and why do you like that feature the most?
My favorite feature of the game is the Islands system. This system allows players to capture Islands for their tribes. Once captured, the Island must be defended against other players. The benefits of the Islands are really awesome for the tribe that holds them, and since this mechanic is 24/7 it adds a really great feeling of immersion to the game.


Onrpg: The game has currently finished closed beta testing, when will the game be open to the public?
Turf Battles is currently going into Closed Beta 2 and will continue into Open Beta once certain new features are completed and have been tested.


Onrpg: What kind of premium items can be expected to be in the game’s cash shop?
An Item Mall will not be added to the game until Open Beta has begun and significant headway has been made with several important features of gameplay. Premium items that have been considered are several transformation cards with special abilities, as well as many temporary boost items, such as increased attack power, defense and other limited time items.


Onrpg: Could you tell us a bit more about the pet-raising system?
Pets can be attained from completing a quest or purchasing a “Seed of Life” from another player and taking it to certain NPCs. Once there, the seed is turned into an Egg, allowing the player to name the pet and for the egg to be displayed next to the player during gameplay. The egg grows as the player spends time in game, at first requiring the player to constantly check on the egg to feed it, then at level 5 to turn into one of a couple variations of a puppy depending on how the player fed the egg. The pet then can interact with the player, performing several commands and announcing when it is hungry. When the pet reaches level 15, not only does the pet change into one of 4 new variations, but gains stats that can help the player. AS the pets continues to level, players can add new stats to the pet. The pets can change once again at level 25 into one of 4 final forms and can begin to change color to give different ability boosts based on how the player has been feeding their pet. Pets can eventually each level 100 and continue to change color based on how they are feed.


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