War Rock Review: Ready to War Rock?!

Are you ready to rock?! ARE YOU READY TO WAR ROCK?!
By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), Onrpg writer


Gosh, this sure brings back memories. Remember Counterstrike and Battlefield? I remember the epic feeling of having to throw the grenade that wiped out my enemies. Good news guys, you no longer have to dwell in nostalgia cause War Rock wont let that EPIC feeling die! Now who said that all MMOs have to be RPGs…? Quick! Where are the guns?!


War Rock is an online game that brings you the old-school feeling of having to use existing military weapons to slay your opponents. War Rock’s graphic capability isn’t that good when compared to the most up to date shooters. You’re basically stuck with models with the same graphic detail as those of Counterstrike and other early FPS games. This on the other hand doesn’t serve as a problem since the game’s low spec compatibility makes it easier for most PCs to run the game. The sounds are just awesome, with BOOMs and BAMs that would spark up your old ‘gunny’ desires that probably died a few years back. I could say that the game is pretty much something you must have on your PC since FPSes are quite helpful when yearning for a game that won’t last you for hours (that would depend on you though).


I said, where are the guns?

The guns are nicely made and rendered like your average MMO games. Their responsiveness and balance are also quite similar to that of Counterstrike. You’ll start off with a small variety of guns which will expand as you unlock more. You can purchase them by spending your hard-earned Dinar (or in game currency) that you acquired throughout the game. There are also some items that you can loan for a price (cash). Although it might suck to return it when your lease time runs out, these premium guns are loaded and would greatly enhance your performance (or maybe it just feels epic). This may be considered as premium whoring since paying for stuff may give you an advantage over your enemies who are playing it for free (Cash > Skill).


More Than CounterStrike? Definitely!

If you think War rock is nothing more than a counterstrike remake, then you’re dead wrong. This game shares a nice set of game modes that remove the linearity of the game. Close Quarters Combat missions (commonly-known-as CQC) for example is your regular “Plant the bomb” scenario, while Battle Group mode brings you in the middle of an all-out-war where you can ride tanks and aircrafts to further decimate your opponents. If you’re tired of playing Rambo then why not try to take it up a couple of notches?


Whether it’s on land, water or air, War Rock’s gameplay is sure to put you on the edge of your seats with an array of stunning vehicles that would do more than satisfy your cravings for action. As you can see, War Rock offers you more than just guns, this game is pretty much the whole package! Humvees, Fighter Planes, YOU NAME IT! Nothing screams “War!” better that this game.


“War Rock has pretty much captured the good aspect of all the FPSes we know and love, condensing them into a solid brew of action and mayhem.” You can find more information about the battle conditions here.



Unlike old FPSes, War Rock gives you a chance to further define your role in the battlefield by picking between a group of 5 classes: Heavy Trooper, Sniper, Medic, Engineer, and Assault. Make sure you maintain a good balance of characters in your group since this may actually work up to your advantage.  You can always change your class during your respawn time when you feel like using another character.


Yep… definitely still MMO-ish

Of course no MMO would be complete without characters leveling up, and War Rock is no exception. Leveling up allows you to unlock more features like guns and other stuff that would further compliment your performance. You can gain experience points either by killing or functioning the role of your class. A healer, for example, will gain experience by healing his teammates as they continue to fight throughout the game. This by far is an excellent way of telling people that everything can’t be acquired through GRINDING kills (lol).



The sounds greatly emphasize what this game is all about. Hearing each gun’s unique firing sound kinda gives you a feeling of how hard the bullet might hit. This, of course is good since it gives you a better feel of the game and you pretty much wouldn’t want to play a game with guns that technically blurts off the same sound every time you fire them. The variety of sounds can even work up to your tactical advantage since you know what type of gun your opponents are using. Hearing the sound of sniper rifles can inform you that your opponents may have a sniper among them. It IS a lot better than poking your head out just to see if they have one anyway. 


Tanks and aircrafts also give off their own respective BOOMS, giving players a good grasp of the ambiance. War rock’s sound is definitely one of the things that make it good, no doubt about that. Enhancing a player’s experience as they continue to battle it out till the end. 


The Verdict

First of all, I’d like to say that the sudden revival of our oldschool FPS meta is reason enough to put confetti all over this game. The game’s different game modes are all quite exquisite and would probably get you playing for a couple of hours. Since the game is mainly based on PVP, the replay value is quite high being that every session serves as a different challenge. Trying out different guns as you progress throughout the game makes leveling-up something to look forward to.


The in game vehicles are quite appealing, and although the graphics aren’t as good as some of the most up to date games, it’s the gameplay that truly brought in the adrenaline of WAR. The game is called War Rock, and may I say that the name itself pretty much defines what this game is all about. It’s a war…. that rocks…


– Fast paced action
– Excellent sounds
– Vintage functioning.


– The graphics are a bit old
– Characters look a bit pixelated
– Too old-school perhaps.

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