Warriors: Rise to Glory Receives a New Patch and Teases Sale

Warriors Rise to Glory UPdate

Warriors: Rise to Glory is a ridiculous turn-based combat game that received a new patch this week. With it comes German Localization, new moves, and a host of new and creative ways to destroy your enemies. Warriors: Rise to Glory is presently in Early Access on Steam and regularly adds new content to the game. In addition, it will be on sale next week, on April 1st. And that’s no joke!

“As we move along toward our commercial launch which will include various online multiplayer modes, we are extremely pleased with how Warriors: Rise to Glory! is coming along and with its reception amongst players so far,” said Shay Shem-Tov, one of the Co-Founders from Gavra Games. “If you haven’t played the game yet grab it next week when it goes on sale on Steam to get in on the hilariously intense action”!

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