Web Koihime Musou Cosplay Contest Report 3

Web Koihime Musou Cosplay Contest Report 3


We’ll be featuring two updates this week as the contest draws closer to a conclusion! It’s almost time to vote so get ready to support your favorites.




Sword progress

Sword progress




underskirt and arm guard fabric – GET!

My wigs finally came! I need to add highlights and lowlights, sw in wefts, and start styling this thing


I’ll be going with the two on the right! Now if only that store would be open on my days off work…


Pattern progress! It was a pain to drape the bodice pattern (mostly because the boobs are so much larger than my own…), but I finally got it! I altered a dress pattern to make a high waisted “skirt” that will attach to the bodice pieces. It just needs a final tweak and I’ll be ready to cut out my main material and start sewing!


Sushi Monster


Cutting boots to prepare to make white bootcovers

Pattern for the collar

sewn collar! Needs gold trim and closure


sleeves with heat and bond details


sleeves minus upper and bottom trim

WIP teal vest


cutting out and glueing the sword




Here’s my progress for this week:


The tabard dress is basically done, it just needs a zipper in the back but I won’t add that until I do the purple part with the coat tails that rests on top. The collar isn’t sewn to the dress yet because I need to add the gold trim first.



It looks really wonky on my dress form – please ignore that haha. Its fitted to me and not my form so it looks pretty awkward on there. It fits me perfectly though!



The skirt is totally finished, I put the zipper in the back. I think I’m going to get a petticoat for it actually so it looks a little more fluffy.



I think that’s it! I’ve started my mock up for the coat tails and the bolero. I didn’t take a picture of them though because they don’t look like anything but indiscriminate blobs of fabric right now, lol.



The bolero and tabard dress are done! Yayyy!



The sleeves are off to a good start and just need to be sewn up and elastic added to the top.



Sorry I didn’t take more detailed progress pictures, I was working my butt off and kind of forgot because I was just powering through this lol.



Again it looks a little weird on my dress form because it fits me and not the form.



Editor’s Note: Progress Report 4 should come in on Wednesday so swing by OnRPG again to check them out! Also feel free to comment on our forum discussion thread HERE.

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