What sort of beast is this?

What is it?!? Is it an RPG? An RTS? Good news for those of you who like these two types of games: It’s both. For the RTS part of the game, you are a soldier in one of three factions on one of two playable planets and the outcome of every battle depends on what units you have, how good they are, what you have equipped to them, and how you use them. There are 4 different types of units, or unit divisions:
Infantry) I shouldn’t even need to explain this one, but in case i do, this division is made up of two-legged walking-with-a-gun humans. the cool thing though, is that the diversity of different uses of these various troops is unmatched by the other divisions.
Mobile) War machines that move around on the ground (like tanks), and have better armor in general. In addition, all mobile units have the natural ability to boost, which allows them to move faster, at the cost of extra energy, which can be replenished mid-battle. both mobile and aviation units can boost, but you have to equip a certain item to the planes to make them able to do this.
Aviation) War machines that fly. The advantage to this is that terrain is does not limit movement and you can get to where the fight is quick. The downside is, the point of battles are to capture areas similar to command posts from star wars battlefront, and these guys can’t capture them.
Organic) The only biological units except for infantry, this division has both ground-mobile and flying units, and some of them look strange as hell!
Using any unit in battle will gain that unit experience it uses to level up, and when a unit levels up, your character gets experience for the division that unit belongs to. that’s the RPG part, and as you play the game your character becomes stronger, your units get badder, and your tactics get better. And the ability to customize each unit with dfferent armors, weapons, and other things, gives you the ability to personalize your minions no other RTS that I know of. A few glitches drawbacks are the only problem i find in this game for those who enjoy RTSes. A 4 out of 5.

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