Wind Slayer Interview: Made for PVP

All questions answered by CM Saphar, Wind Slayer’s community manager.

The Wind Slayer open beta begins on Wednesday, February 4th at 3:00pm PST.


What sets Wind Slayer apart from other 2D MMORPGs?

Saphar: Unlike other 2D MMORPGs on the market, Wind Slayer is designed from the ground up for PvP combat. All six of the game’s branching character classes and their skills are designed for fast, action-packed PvP gameplay. There are also tons of different PvP modes in Wind Slayer – capture the flag, capture the hill, team battle, guild battle – and players are auto-leveled to the same level when they join an arena, so fighting against other players in Wind Slayer is all about skill, not about how much time you’ve spent in-game.


What’s new in the Wind Slayer open beta?

Saphar: We learned a lot during the Wind Slayer closed beta. We’ve listened to feedback from the Wind Slayer community, and have optimized and improved the game significantly for open beta. Wind Slayer will run faster across the board, allowing players with a wide range of system specs and connection speeds to quickly get in the game and start playing.


What kind of premium items can we expect in Wind Slayer?

Saphar: We’ll be opening the SparkShop, which will allow players to spend SparkCash on premium costumes and consumable items, several weeks after open beta begins. All of our items are completely optional, and allow you to customize your character in new and interesting ways. Also, when purchasing a premium item from the SparkShop, players will be able to add additional stats to their items, giving them a small advantage in PvP matches.


What’s your favorite feature in Wind Slayer?

Saphar: The simple controls! It’s amazing how many games gets something as important as the controls wrong. With Wind Slayer, we’ve really stripped the controls down to their simplest components, so the controls never get in the way of the action. We’ve taken an “easy to learn, difficult to master” approach to Wind Slayer. The game is easy to instantly pick up and play, but mastering all of its intricacies – the double jump, the dash, the dozens of abilities available to all of the classes – will require all of your skill, especially if you want to become a master of PvP.


What’s your favorite item in Wind Slayer?

Saphar: That’s a tough call. We have lots fun items in the game, from cool looking armor sets to funny costumes and gear. My favorite is probably my ninja suit and ninja mask. It’s perfect for when I want to sneak up on some unsuspecting players!


What changes have you made bringing Wind Slayer to the Outspark service?

Saphar: Most of our efforts have been in making the game even faster and more action-packed, and really improving and highlighting the PvP experience, which we feel is where Wind Slayer really shines. We’ll also be releasing many new items to the game, but players are going to have to wait and see what we have up our sleeves.


What events do you have planned for open beta and beyond?

Saphar: As soon as the open beta begins we’ll have lots of simple, easy events that all players can particpate in. For example, every player that hits level 10 in the first week of open beta will receive a free rare ring, and the first 25 players that reach level 10 will receive a powerful in-game weapon.
In Wind Slayer, one day just isn’t enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so all of February will be a month of love. Every player that creates a character before February 25th will receive a free Love Potion, which restores HP and MP.
Because Wind Slayer is so PvP-centric, we also have big plans for large-scale PvP tournaments, and will be running our first Slayer Tournament event on February 13th.

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