World of Warcraft

WoW, the best game i’ve played!
Gameplay: 10/10
If you HATE the hack-slash win xps yay i leveled then you’ll LOVE WoW, because the combat system is WAY more complex. you can also, Fish, ( a personal favorite) and do MANY more professions ( I.e. Jobs to make $$ with) You can join guilds, Raid the other races and make them dance naked ( a Personal Hobby from Open Beta ) ( No offesense to night elf lovers 😀 ), and you can chat. There are quests but the first 20 are sry quest lovers but they are BORING!! Shamans warlocks and i think druids get special quests which are fun ( like totem quests as shamans I LOVE EM!). You can also just explore because you get XPS for finding new lands ( wierd eh?). So since you can do all this PLUS MORE TO COME LIKE HOUSES AND MAYBE marriage, this is going to be absolutily KICK ***.

Sound/Music: 8/10
If you love to explore you’ll find the music very great because it varries from place to place, but if you stay at the same place for awhile you may want to TURN THE SPEAKERS OFF!!! Well thats pretty much it for this!

Stunning, says Gamespot in the highest rated mmorpg review EVER! They are truly amazing. IF your horde its nothing special and you may wanna take a vacation to see the naked night elfs dance, i mean ERRRR A hum Ahum, to see their landscape.

Transportation: 10/10
This is aswome, you can fly on zepplins wierd bats, gryffins, gliders, mounts and more! Truly MUCH better then the 1 MPH walking you do!

Pets are actually VERY usefull in this game! YAY i love hunters but i play Shamans now, anyways you will love the pet system as a hunter because you can get Almost ANYTHING as a pet!!!

PvP: 100/10
This is the MAJOR part of WoW YES i did do 100/10 because i LOVE the PvP no matter what THERE is A point in leveling on none PvP servers because you can fight the other side of the force! ( hehe star wars galaxy blows :D) I love the PvP servers but i unfortunetly play on A PvE server atm!

Replay: 10/10
This is always rated high because all MMORPG’s have updates and more… CANT WAIT TILL HOUSING!!!! hehe.

My Comments:

Anyways You should buy this game retail or not and try it. If you dont like leave the WoW forums because if you flame, about 1/4 million people will flame you azz to helll! I LOVE THIS GAME AND ITS second only to Asherons Call, ( I luv the skill system in that game but grandma took the accounts 🙁 oh well) BUT i guess now WoW is 1st PLAY AND I WILL HELP YOU! JOIN THE PST SHADOWSONG SERVER!


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