WorldShift Review: Is This An MMO?

WorldShift review: Is This An MMO?
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG journalist


It’s really hard to come up with something new nowadays, but it’s always a cool thing for MMOGs to inherit the awesomeness from old single player games. Since these games tend to evolve further, an improved version of an old genre may also be considered something new. This is where the game World Shift kicks in, being one of the most well played MMORTSes (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) today.


From afar, World Shift looks a lot like Warhammer: Dawn of War, but despite the similarities in visuals lies the unique and awesome game play of the said RTS. World Shift is unlike any other MMO or RTS today. The game is exquisitely fun and can provide you hours of game play just to figure out which strategy works for you. The system is indeed broad and would probably get you thinking every time you enter a bout. The game is set in a post apocalyptic setting where our way of life is no longer valid. In this time of crisis, our kin have banded together into different factions to settle their differences in the discomforts of war. Three factions in a battle of epic proportions… hmm, I’m in!


The Three Factions

There are three factions in this game, each with their own meta of gameplay, exclusive units and possibly individual strategies. The soldiers/units are technically what separates each faction from one another for some emphasizes themselves through attack speed while others focus more on defense.


Worldshift Character
Cool graphics


Is this really an MMO?

Other than the extremely cool graphics and multiplayer functions, one must ask if this game is really an MMO. Aside from the multiplayer functions (which allows you to request aid from other players), the game has a campaign mode (single player) that makes it pretty much comparable to the likes of other single player RTSes that also have Multiplayer features. While I’m still busy trying to figure out if this game is indeed an MMO, there’s no doubt that the game has everything going for it. Whether an MMO or just a plain RTS game, there’s no doubt that I am indeed hooked by the tendrils of its charms. World Shift is one awesome mutha fluffa, no doubt about it.


Watch Out Dudes! It’s the ABILITY GRID

Okay, now we’re getting something MMO like. Much like an MMO, each faction acts as a particular archetype that you must customize to further enhance your play style. The ability grid is what turns this awesome RTS into an MMO customization interface. Power ups, upgrades and special abilities are purchased rather than acquired through leveling in this game. How? By simply picking up resources scattered throughout the map. It’s pretty much obvious that you need to do your own bit of grinding while your troops do the dirty work. It’s a bit of a hassle, but you won’t get anywhere without it. Don’t fret though, each power up in your grid affects the entire squad as a whole, meaning you won’t have to upgrade them one by one XD (whew).


Worldshift Giants
Use special abilities


Hero? Battlemaster? What?

Much like other RTSes like Warcraft, Battlerealms and Warhammer, each faction is entitled to have a Hero (or in this game, Lord). Lords act as the main pillar of each army, and taking them down can lead to your enemy’s impending demise. Of course that would mean that they can beat the living crap out of you if they get to your lord first. Lords in short are the vanilla scoops on your rootbeer float, no icecream = no float.


Let’s join forces!

Major upgrade for the RTS factor as World Shift introduces the co-op mode which lets players perform various tasks aside from the normal player vs player routine. Yes, the game can be played in Single player but a helping hand would probably speed things up, considering the fact that you’ll be grinding for minerals LOL.


Pitbosses? Okay, this must be an MMO

Yes, you heard right! The game has a good number of Pitbosses whom you must beat to get good items as well as extra currency for future upgrades. Much like your average everyday MMORPG, Bosses are extremely hard and require a handful of power to beat. Yes, you can always play the maps on single player mode, but that won’t do you much good, as the boss would probably eat you alive if not last for hours eventually beating you anyway. This is where the multiplayer feature comes in brother! Don’t be emo, get a friggin party and cream that nasty DIPSHOT.


Worldshift Boss
Pit Bosses


 The Graphics

The graphics are way flawless and are probably one reason for you to play this game. Just by looking at it makes it safe to say that the game belongs in the next-gen list. The animations are smooth with an awesome frame rate that will probably give you a gaming seizure if not ready for so much awesomeness.  The backgrounds are rendered exquisitely, matching the other elements for a livelier scene. If it’s a battle for eye candy elements, this one is a winner.


Worldshift Assault
Worldshift battle in progress


The Verdict

Hmm… I’m still confused whether this game is an MMO or not, but if it is, we’re looking at one of the biggest breakthroughs in MMO history. The gameplay was fun, and the single player lasted as long as it should. The campaign is pretty nice, and having someone to help you out makes it twice as much fun. Grinding for minerals while buying new upgrades add into its fun factor as well, as you are entitled to keep on searching for the right build (much like any other MMO). The graphics are sharp and can probably compete with most of our up to date RTS games (yes even the single player ones) due to its bright and detailed elements. If you’re looking for a game that’ll keep you entertained, then this one’s a keeper.


The good:
– UNIQUE! Barnone
– Multiplayer mode rocks
– Singleplayer mode rocks too LOL
– Possibly the best of its kind (MMORTS)


The bad:
– It’s just not an MMO O_O (GEEZ KEI! GIVE IT UP!)
– Its way of grinding isn’t that fun at all…

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