Wulfram 2

Wulfram is a fast paced 1st person(tank) shooter with stratergy, base making/destroying and over head star ships. You battle it out on loads of diff maps(worlds) against ur opposing team. I have seen maps last for days and as short as 5 minutes The community is quite helpfull and friendly.

There is different severs for different levels of your expetise. You start of in thew TRAINING server then move into the OPEN server, then into the REGULAR server. There are trainers in the TRAINING server to help u get adjusted to the game, ask them any thing u want about the game and they should b able to help u!

I have found it to be absolutely addictive! A little hard at the start to get all the controls down pact, but once u know the buttons im certain u’ll nvr leave!!
<3 ray

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