WWII Warfare Review: World War In Your Browser

WWII Warfare Review: World War In Your Browser
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


WWII Warfare as you may have guessed, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Web Browser Game set on the historical background of World War II (well duh!). Much like other Web Browser games, you’ll be training soldiers, battling across enemy lines and boosting your options as you progress further in the game. One of the best reasons to play a browser game is their ability to not take up space in your hard drive. The sheer beauty of it is the fact that you only need a working Internet connection and a web browser to play the game. You need not worry about system requirements either, for these types of games don’t really demand much from your system.


A World War II themed game? Sounds interesting. Aside from the fact that War makes everything a bit more interesting, the game does have a certain depth, which makes it really fun to play. Much like client-side MMOs, browser-based games are no different when it comes to addiction factor. Its simplicity through gameplay and graphic interface really doesn’t make it inferior to application games; you’ll be surprised at how many people actually play these types of games. Let’s dive in that bunker and see what makes this game special shall we?


WWII Overview
Strategy Overview


Get up soldier! It’s time to get moving! Now move! MOVE! MOVE!!!

You’ll be prompted to choose your faction, pic, and character name upon starting the game. Know that Axis and Allies aren’t that much different from each other and you’re basically going to have the same optionsonce the game starts. It’s pretty much like the Blue team Red team charades, the only difference each faction holds over the other are their names. The game is actually nice enough to give you a step-by-step Quest/Mission upon starting the game. This makes it easier for a player to get used to the basics, which allows them to function better upon leaving the newbie nest. For me newbie tutorials are one of the biggest factors in each game. A small tutorial would suffice— really, just as long as it doesn’t leave you in the dark like other games (really wish I could mention some <_<). In this game, the newbie tutorials are good and even give rewards when finishing the given tasks. Perhaps being a newbie isn’t so bad after all.


Suppressing fire! Load up those cannons! Snipers in position!

Attacking is one of the key factors in this game, and yes it won’t take a genius to figure that out as this is WAR after all. The combat phase revolves on a turn-based system that uses a unit’s range to distinguish when and what turn these units are able to attack. The units with the highest range level are the first ones to attack. It may seem a bit imbalanced at first but know that some units tend to hit harder with the handicap of not being able to fire first. You need to carefully plan your offense for strategy and layout plays a big role in combat. If you feel like some of your soldiers are no longer fit to fight, you can take them to the medical center for treatment. Remember, a dead soldier is a useless one so always keep track of your soldiers.


Build to the top

Much like your regular RTS games (Real Time Strategy), buildings play a huge role in the game. One main factor to consider is the population increase brought by buildings, much like the farm/pylon structures in other RTSs. If you want more soldiers, build more structures. Players can unlock new features and more options just by building their structures across the map. Another similarity would also be that the buildings have requirements other than simply having the resources for it. Your structures may give you the advantage you need to overcome your opponents, so don’t hold back when given the option. Buildings can be placed around the map like in most strategy games. Quite impressive as the interface actually let you see your buildings rather than indicate that you just own one.




Two heads are better than one

The game lets players team up with each other in order to face insurmountable odds. It’s not really something new as THIS IS still considered as a Massively Multiplayer Online game but hey! Awesome feature for a browser game!


Item mall

Yes, the game does have an item mall where players can buy things with real money to give them the advantage in almost any battle. There’s a VIP membership that gives you more experience as well as rushing all of your unit structures. You can also buy stuff that increases the stats of your soldiers, which probably doesn’t seem right for those who are enjoying the game for free. Well, it’s a war anyway and GREENS are the only way to survive LOL.


The graphics

Excellent! The in game interface is well made. The site is designed to perfection and almost everything is in order. The map can be moved and scrolled much like an application game, which is rare for most browser games. The elements do look good, definitely one of the best ones I’ve ever seen.


WWII Buildings
Buildings Overview 


The verdict

The game is very simple but quite complex in a way. Strategies are mostly simplified as you would likely be experimenting on which units to bring and how many of each you would want in your squad. It’s more like a tamed version of your traditional RTS game, but that doesn’t stop it from being played competitively. You can really do a lot of stuff in this game when it comes to planning your attack and defense. To sum it all up, it’s a browser game unlike any other. Definitely a must play for all browser game fans.


The good:
– Nice system
– Item mall
– Awesome visuals
– Real time strategy browser game = good idea
– Missions and newbie tutorials reward well.


The bad:
– Gets old after some time
– Item mall?
– Shop items make subscription imbalance really bad.

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