Ancestors Legacy Releases New DLC Content, ‘Saladin’s Conquest’

The latest DLC content to arrive in 1C Entertainment and Destructive Creations Ancestors Legacy is based on real events, straight from the 12th Century: Saladin’s Conquest! Ancestors Legacy leaves European soil and tells the tale of Saladin, across five new missions, three multiplayer maps, and new achievements to unlock. This DLC will be available for 9.99 (EUR) on Steam, GOG, and other digital stores. There is also a week-long sale on Ancestors Legacy on Steam, for 50% off.

“Take command of Saracen warriors in a brand-new single-player campaign that will take you far away from the battlefields of Europe. Follow another path of history and help Saladin protect his desert lands against the Crusaders. New unique units will you help you crush your enemies in 5 story-based missions and on 3 brand new maps for multiplayer and skirmish. The new nation of Saracens will also be playable on all current multiplayer maps.”

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