Conqueror’s Blade’s Closed Beta Test Commences in February 2019 announced this morning that they will be opening the gates of their upcoming medieval MMORPG Conqueror’s Blade this month. This first fully-featured Closed Beta Test will begin on February 7th, 2019. The European and North American servers will unlock, allowing warlords to duke it out and meet their enemies head-on in this massive open world. Intense medieval multiplayer battles await. Beta key users and Founder’s Pack owners can experience the full experience for the first time. This will be available for a limited time, and also introduces the tutorial missions to Conqueror’s Blade so they will be fully prepared for the hardships that await them.

Players will occupy settlements, build fortifications, and secure resources as they prepare to deal with their rivals. There is also the task of maintaining and raising armies, then marching them across the land to do battle. The siege weaponry is an encumbrance, but also a necessity for sieging castles. Conqueror’s Blade offers the experience of being part of a medieval great House, jointly making decisions both on and off the battlefield, with strategic alliances determining which Houses will rule over the open world. Those interested in this style of play can also look forward to the “House Members Only” CBT, which starts on February 18th, following the Closed Beta Test. Interested parties can sign up in this link.

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