Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Nitro Tour Grand Prix Intro

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has a new load of content coming starting on July 3rd, with Season 1 of the Crash Team Racing Grand Prix. “Nitro Tour” will be pushed onto consoles for free, and will give plenty of new content to explore. It will even include a new track, Twilight Tour. Twilight Tour is a middle east-inspired track, and will shift from day to night during the race. Grand Prix will also feature challenges to tackle, and through this will fill their Nitro Gauge (XP) with Nitro Points. This is how rewards will be unlocked, from a new character (Tawna), new skins, karts, and kart customization items.

Also, as part of the content being offered during the Nitro Tour Grand Prix, the in-game Pit Stop is being updated with new characters, skins, karts, and kart customization items. Players can use the Wumpa Coins that they earn by playing the game to unlock additional cool items, such as the Nitro Squad as playable characters for the first time. Formerly known as the Trophy Girls in the original CTR, the Nitro Squad have come to compete as some of the fiercest racers around!

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