Dark Envoy Announced from Event Horizon

Inspired by the Divinity series, XCOM, FTL, Mass Effect and Dragon Age, Dark Envoy is an upcoming non-linear cRPG from Event Horizon. The Human Empire seeks dominance against the Old Races, and dark technology will clash against magic in Dark Envoy. This war is terrifying in scope, and the defeated will be wiped completely from the pages of history.

Against this backdrop, Kaela and Kiros aspire to repair their parents’ broken airship in order to travel the world, seeking whatever dungeons, challenges, and riches may come their way. They’ll learn how to fight, build friendships and forge alliances as they travel in search of ancient relics and forgotten places. The journey begins in blood and tragedy, and your choices can reshape your life in this world, and perhaps even the world itself.


  • Non-linear RPG with turn-based combat accompanied by a real-time pre-combat phase where tactics and party power are equally important.
  • Player choices impact the world: it can be destroyed or saved, and the stories that unfold will lead to multiple endings reflecting the characters’ personalities and decisions.
  • Co-written by Michael Chatfield, an Amazon Top 100 Science Fiction / Fantasy writer.
  • 15 unique character classes to discover – with the ability to mix skill trees – including some rare classes which can only be found in remote locations or through chained quests.
  • Combat animations recorded using the studio’s own mocap and a kung-fu master acting out various fighting styles.
  • Can be played solo, two-player co-op, as well as a new mode called Player vs World where Player 2 acts as the final boss seeking to destroy Player 1 before they become too powerful.
  • High-replayability factor due to a large pool of quests and world events. One cannot uncover all of the content in a single playthrough.

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