Dead by Daylight: Curtain Call – Launch Trailer

Behavior Digital is proud to announce that their survival horror title, Dead by Daylight has sold over four million copies worldwide and is still growing. To celebrate, a new chapter launches, “Curtain Call” along with a new in-game store and tutorials for new players. This update also features a new killer, The Clown, who has long used his nomadic lifestyle to cover his horrific murders and past times. He’s fond of “The Afterpiece Tonic” to intoxicate and capture his victims. It also adds a new Survivor, Kate Denson. Awakening to an eternal nightmare in Campbell’s Chapel, there is no longer joy or light. Curtain Call is available for 6.99 on PC through Steam, and will soon be available on console.

The Dead by Daylight economy has been completely overhauled, now giving players the ability to earn new content in addition to buying it. Iridescent Shards are earned with playtime via a new player leveling system. An additional currency called Auric Cells is now available for purchase in packs ranging from 5 USD to 50 USD. Both currencies can be used to unlock characters and skins.

The approach to the store was designed from the ground up to be respectful to players, based on four pillars:
⦁    One Community: Maps will always be free, so the playerbase will never be segmented
⦁    Original Dead by Daylight characters can be earned: the community can now choose between earning or buying new content.
⦁    All in with cosmetic items: players can now personalize their character, adding to their experience
⦁    Transparency: Microtransactions will help support new content development.

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