Dead or Alive 6 Welcomes The King of Fighters to The Battle

Dead or Alive 6 revealed that two DLC characters are on the way to their universe, all the way from The King of Fighters – Mai Shiranui and Kula Diamond. These characters are in DOA6’s Season Pass 1 and are also available for individual purchase for 7.99. Their costume packs are available for 2.99 per fighter as well. There is also a special bundle that includes both characters, with five outfits for each, for 15.99.

Mai Shiranui is known as “The Alluring Ninja”, and is a powerful kunoichi, and successor to the Shiranui ninjutsu style. She wilds huge fans and can generate flames from her attacks, as she also mesmerizes her foes with her flashy outfits. Conversely, there’s “The Ice Doll”, Kula Diamond. She uses quick, unexpected transitions to her special attacks with useful cancels. She can use ice in her attacks, and freeze opponents thanks to her ability to instantly freeze water particles in mid-air. She’s a modified human created by the NESTS organization, though her conception came with some complications –¬†including an odd addiction to candy and the fact that she appears much younger than her actual age.

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