Enter the Gungeon Receives Physical Nintendo Switch Release

Charming but incredibly difficult shooter/dungeon crawler Enter The Gungeon now officially has a physical release for the Nintendo Switch. Available in North America, courtesy of Nighthawk Interactive, this retail edition comes with all previous DLC, including the final DLC pack, “A Farewell to Arms”, as well as the exclusive “Shotgun Kin” playable skin, the soundtrack, and new collectibles. These include stickers, a Bullet Kin papercraft, and reversible jacket artwork. This retail release runs for 29.99 at a variety of outlets, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Gamestop.

The retail edition of Enter the Gungeon comes packed with content and exclusives, including:

·        Retail Exclusives – The physical version comes equipped with the exclusive “Shotgun Kin” playable skin, reversible jacket artwork, the game’s original soundtrack, limited edition stickers and an exclusive Bullet Kin papercraft.

·        Previously Released Content – Players who pick up the game at retail can battle through all previously released DLC, including the final update, “A Farewell to Arms.”

·        Local Co-op – When the bullet hell becomes too hellish or if there aren’t enough bullets flying around the screen, players can grab a friend for local co-op to crusade through the Gungeon together.

·        The Legendary Gungeon – The constantly-evolving bullet hell fortress blends hand-designed rooms within a procedurally-generated labyrinth bent on destroying all that enter its walls as it continually raises the stakes and the challenges.

·        The Cult of the Gundead – The Gungeon is littered with zealous Cult of the Gundead, disciples of the gun that will stop at nothing to defend their temple. Each enemy type wields unique firing patterns that players will need to learn in order to survive.

·        The Gungeoneers – Several unlikely heroes are at the player’s disposal, each burdened by a deep regret and in search of a way to change their past, no matter the cost. Filled with equal parts courage and desperation, these adventurers won’t hesitate to do what it takes to make it to their goal alive.

·        The Guns – Players discover and unlock scores of unique guns, each with its own unique tactics and ammunition. These guns unleash everything, from the tried-and-true medley of missiles, lasers, and cannonballs to the bizarrely effective volley of rainbows, fish, foam darts, and bees. Yes, bees.

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