EverQuest 2: Empire of Antiquity Game Update Live

EverQuest 2 releases its newest update: Empire of Antiquity! More information is available on the official blog.

Features of this update include:

  • New Overseer Season 05 – Kunark
    • New Achievements and rewards
    • 33 new quests
    • 20 new Agents – 8 common, 6 uncommon, 3 rare, and 2 ultra-rare
    • Update to the Overseer vendor with old Agents
  • New Massive Contested Dungeon
    • Buried Takish’Hiz: Empire of Antiquity
      • Featuring Updated Zone Art
      • 33 Contested Heroic and Solo Bosses
      • A New Contested Raid Encounter
      • 40+ Adventure Quests
      • New Tradeskill Quests
      • New Adventure and Tradeskill Collections
      • New Missions
      • New Achievements

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