Gamedec Scheduled to Launch in 2020

Gamedec is an upcoming adaptive cyberpunk RPG title from Anshar Studios and is scheduled to debut in 2020. Set in the 22nd century, in Warsaw City, reality has become a bit of a relative concept. Life and death have many meanings, and new worlds give rise to new problems. Gamedecs are people in this society, who handle frauds, crimes and conspiracies in virtual worlds. Things like Child slavery in F2P games, the suicide of a professional player, things like this are handled by Gamedecs. A special version will be previewed at Gamescom, and a demo will be playable at PAX West.

In Gamedec, decisions are important, and the game world constantly adapts to them and to the hero, who changes as the story progresses. The consequences of choices made, like in “real” life, can be immediate, long-term, or hidden – the latter most often surfacing at unexpected moments. It’s up to the player to evaluate choices and decisions. Gamedec will utilize paper-based RPG mechanics to give players the freedom to approach problems from multiple perspectives, but the choice is theirs, rather than having a single solution.

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