Hoverloop Announces Open Beta Weekend

Online remote-control drone shooter Hoverloop announced an open beta weekend, beginning on August 31st, 2019, until September 1st. Anyone is free to download the game via their Steam Page and put th eir drone-piloting skills to the test. As a reward, all participants will receive exclusive items to customize their drones. They are also encouraged to share feedback/report bugsĀ via the Steam Community Hub or Hoverloop’s Discord here.

An update will be arriving in this open beta that will add some new features and polish. Private Online Lobbies for multiplayer will be added, and new announcers will show up to shoutcast the matches. Players will also be able to make custom dog tags in the garage, which will be displayed on the billboards when they’re the best player in a match. A full list of the updates coming to the game can be found here.

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