Killsquad Releases Third Update, PLAGUE

Killsquad offered its third major update today, known as PLAGUE.  PLAGUE is presently in Early Access on Steam, and brings a new Spec Ops contract and much more. There are of course new cosmetics to pick up, as well as five new “cursed” contracts.  The “cursed” contracts bring high-risk-high-reward gameplay to Killsquad.

These contracts begin when Omen of the Plague offers a curse to one of the players in a party. Everyone will vote on whether they will take on the great challenge being revealed. Eight curses are currently available, damning players with all sorts of limitations, including reduced health or speed and stronger enemies.

Today’s video is the latest “Gathering of Bounty Hunters” initiative. This was made to connect with their community in a more personal manner. Killsquad players were given a chance to ask questions for the Novarama team to answer. They also reveal plans for the future, such as new bosses, a new quest system, and more.

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