LawBreakers Unveils Biggest Content Drop, ‘All-Star Update’

LawBreakers is receiving their biggest update/content drop ever with the “All-Star” update! It is expected to be available for download Thurs, Oct. 19th at 10am PT. But what is in it? Boss Leagues are the competitive ranked mode, and is inspired by a sports theme for the rest of the content. Beta Season 0 is the first season, which gives the Boss Key team time to collect feedback from participants. Level 5 is required for entry, and entrants will receive exclusive profile icons/silver weapon skins! The tiers are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Boss. In addition, a Blitzball arena map (the world’s first “mobile stadium”), a variation of Redfalls, as well as a whole host of balance/quality of life adjustments!

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