Liberated Takes Players Into an Interactive Tech-Noir Graphic Novel

Atomic Wolf revealed a new game to be published by Walkabout Games, an upcoming tech-noir graphic novel, Liberated. It will arrive later this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In this setting, the government uses technology to manipulate the population, and civil rights are a thing of the past. Social media activity, online payments, and GPS location tracking from mobile devices are just some of the ways every single person is being monitored.

Told over the course of four chapters, with each issue focusing on a different character,Liberated is an interactive graphic novel that combines the experience of a motion comic with a videogame. Liberated will use choice-based story sequences and shifts to fully playable action sequences, as the game goes from panel to panel.

“The way technology is being used to aid government control has changed drastically in the 21st century and we wanted to explore the dangers of where it’s seemingly headed,” said Marek Czerniak, Creative Director at Atomic Wolf. “Liberated explores this in a nuanced, pragmatic way, with a stylish blend of motion comics and gameplay that keeps things brisk, stylish, and on the edge of your seat!”

“When we first saw what Liberated was up to we were instantly hooked!” said Robert Purzycki, co-founder of Walkabout. “It’s exploring real issues that we grapple with every day as we wrestle with both the advantages and perils of technology, social media, and the stranglehold corporations have over us. We think it’s one of the most thought-provoking games on the horizon and can’t wait to hear players discuss it!”

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