Omega Zodiac Launches on R2 Games Website

In R2 Games Omega Zodiac, the Goddess Athena has been regarded as a pinnacle for wisdom and justice throughout the world. With that peace broken, she’s the only one who can set things right. However, Athena is weakened so she now needs the assistance of three mighty warriors to prevent the end of the world. In Omega Zodiac, players control a knight, mage or archer, and follow a “Gold Sacred Sets” system. This has them collecting the souls of various constellations and challenge the dangerous Sacred Set Dungeons. This is the only way to acquire sacred armor and grow in power.

Auto-move and auto-battle are available for players that prefer to use these features. In addition, there are PVP and PVE arenas, and battlegrounds to take part in, to see just who is the strongest among the stars. A guild support system is also in the game, to work together with other players. A link to the game can be found here.

“We’re incredibly proud of Omega Zodiac’s art style. The combination of 2D and 3D visuals is unmatched in browser-based MMORPGs,” says the Omega Zodiac team. “We hope players will enjoy battling alongside ancient mythological figures, defeating monsters and beasts, and getting their hands on those epic Gold Sacred Sets!”

Key Features:

⦁ Fight with 9 different combo skills against a variety of enemies.
⦁ Collect star maps and activate Gold Sacred Sets for sacred weapons and enchantments.
⦁ Refine your character’s 5 unique skills with constellations.
⦁ Explore challenging Sacred Set dungeons.
⦁ Engage with the community through guild features, guild cross-battles, and cross-server battles.
⦁ Enjoy single and multiplayer gameplay with PvP and PvE arenas, competitive battlegrounds, and a guild support system.
⦁ Challenge dozens of mighty bosses and hostile Gold Fighters.
⦁ Feast your eyes on Omega Zodiac’s beautiful 2D and 3D graphics and artwork.

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