Paladins Open Beta Announcement!

HiRez Studios’ Paladins is very proud to make the announcement that their game is going into Open Beta today! Paladins is a team-based shooter with strategy and strong character customization via collectible cards. These cards augment what a character already has and can be built in a variety of ways using them. It will be free-to-play on PC and for current-gen consoles. A great deal has gone into the game since it’s original Closed Beta: A deeper in-game item system, 17 champions, a third map [“Enchanted Forest”], being able to use parts of skins [RE: Gun skin, head skin, body skin], competitive Ranked mode and more!  The Steam version of the game will launch with Steam Achievements as well as an special Team Fortress 2 skin for Barik of the TF2 Engineer. All you have to do is win five games with Barik and it’s yours.

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