Parkasaurus Reveals Early Access Date

The two-person team at Washbear Studios are delighted to announce that their dinosaur theme park/tycoon simulator, Parkasaurus officially hits Steam’s Early Access program on Tuesday, September 25th, 2018.  The goal is to plan, design and construct exhibits that maximize the happiness of their dinos, and bring people to visit and see them/spend money. You start with only a dream of a dino park (and who doesn’t have one of those dreams?) and an abandoned park, players will discover new technology, create new attractions, and form a deep bond with all of their Dinos.

As the days pass in Parkasaurus players will watch Dinos grow from little runts to giant best friends, unlock new accessories for them to wear, and help guide them through diverse seasons that each come with their own unique fun, beauty, and challenges. In Parkasaurus fortune is a real possibility and money management is an absolute necessity. It will be available for 19.99 on Steam on September 25th.

“The two of us are excited to invite the community into the development of Parkasaurus,” said
Chris McQuinn, Producer at Washbear Studio. “Our objective is to create a dinosaur tycoon
simulation that introduces fresh new ideas, and puts a strong focus on having players express
their creativity and management skills. We’re looking forward to hearing ideas and feedback
from players so we can together make the best version of Parkasaurus possible.”

Some features of Parkasaurus include:
– Designable exhibits for your Dinos with multiple layers of complexity
– Park management with over 80 buildable items and 4 employee types
– Nurturing and raising Dinos from eggs to full adults, with the base game including 24
Dinos to discover (more added regularly)
– Unique privacy and biome systems that promote creative design
– A dynamic review system where each guest leaves a starred review based on their
– Dino accessories like sunglasses, neckties, beanies and more
– Dino camera and Free camera

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