RE:Legend Hits Steam’s Early Access Program

RE:Legend is a multiplayer JRPG from 505 Games, and Magnus Games, that was backed on Kickstarter in less than 24 hours. It became the most successful crowdfunded game in Southeast Asia in addition. With that in mind, it has hit Steam’s Early Access program today.  An all-encompassing JRPG-simulator hybrid, players will combine farm and life-simulation mechanics with monster raising.

Players will build and expand a village, set in the world of Ethia. PLayers awake as a legendary hero washed ashore on Vokka Island with no memories. They must revive this hero, and find ways to remember the past and help this adorable island out. They’ll craft weapons, go fishing, farm, and help the inhabitants of the island. Players will also increase their chances of taming and raising the Magnus, which are magical creatures that populate the world.

The Steam Early Access program will allow players to experience the game during its last phase of development, offering the player community an opportunity to help the development team define the final game content. The world of Ethia will expand during the Early Access program with additional biomes made available to players leading toward the official v1.0 game launch.

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