Siege of Centauri Beta 2 Now Available

Stardock’s Beta 2 for the upcoming PC Tower Defense Game, Siege of Centauri begins today. This version lets users equip towers for each mission, and adds new towers and missions to the game overall. Dreadnoughts also hit the game for the first time, and they are powerful war machines that need to be overcome, in addition to the swarms of enemies already engaging them.

“The enemy has a wide range of units seeking to destroy your colony,” said Derek Paxton, lead
designer. “Players have access to a wide array of towers, each with unique capabilities, to
choose from. Beta 2 allows players to pick the towers they want to use, rather than the game
deciding for them.”

“Weekly digital updates based on player feedback well before release lets us get to a level of
balance and polish that traditionally had to wait for post-release updates,” said Paxton. “We’ve
been really happy with how the fans have helped shape this game so far.”

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